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2007 Ford Mustang Overview

Ever since debuting at the New York World's Fair in the spring of 1964, the Mustang has been one of Ford automaker's most popular vehicles. And unlike some of its competitors in the pony car segment - such as the Chevrolet Camaro, for instance - the Mustang has been continuously produced from its initial 1964 model year to the present day. In fact, it's currently in the midst of its sixth generation, which started with the 2015 model year. The pony car segment actually was created in honor of the Mustang.

The 2007 model is part of the fifth generation of Mustangs, which borrowed many of its design elements from the Mustang models of yesteryear. Like all other versions of the Mustang, the 2007 model is offered as both a coupe and a convertible.

2007 Ford Mustang History

Ford 's fifth generation of Mustang vehicles began in 2005, and it was built on a new D2C platform. In its design, this fifth generation largely resembled a step back in time with the classic look of the Mustang upon its initial entry into the market in the 1960s. Ford 's designers even went so far as to describe the design as "retro-futurism." By 2007, however, Ford had made some notable changes to the Mustang lineup as the fifth generation progressed. These included:

  • A Shelby GT500 model
  • A special "California" model edition for higher-level GT models, which included 18-inch wheels, specially designed front and rear fascias and side scoops, among other features
  • A "Comfort Group" option, which included heated front seats and other luxurious interior features

How It Drives

The 2007 Ford Mustang drives better than previous models in the fifth generation and earlier. The steering is responsive and refined, and the overall ride is smooth. The GT models, specifically, offer top-notch acceleration and deliver more of a sporty, fun drive than the base model. Regardless of the selected model, however, the Mustang feels and drives like a sports car, which is just what most people looking for a Mustang want.

Used 2007 Ford Mustang Value

Car shoppers can expect to get good value with the 2007 Mustang. For a base model 2007 Mustang in good condition, a price is likely somewhere in the neighborhood of $7,000. This price point can't be compared to Mustang's largest competitor, the Camaro, as it wasn't being developed in 2007 because of a Chevy-mandated temporary hiatus, but the thinking is that the vehicle holds its value fairly well over time.

Design & Performance

As we noted previously, the 2007 Mustang-as well as other models in the fifth generation-takes much of its design cues from earlier Mustangs of the 1960s. However, this original Mustang design has become more modernized to offer a mix of both nostalgia and modern-day style.

When it comes to performance, the Mustang gives drivers the power that they want-and expect-from a pony car. For instance:

  • The Mustang is available with a V6 or V8 engine.
  • A "Pony Package" is offered on V6 models that is designed to give the Mustang a GT-like feel with bigger tires and traction control features, among others.
  • The Shelby GT500 packs a ton of power under the hood with its 5.4-liter supercharged V8, capable of generating up to 475 hp.

Despite a powerful engine, the 2007 Mustang still achieves respectable fuel economy. Base models start at 19 mpg in city driving and 28 mpg on the highway.

Powertrain & Engine

As we mentioned, drivers get the power that they want and expect from the 2007 Mustang, no matter if they have the 4-liter V6 or 4.6-liter V8 engine under the hood. The former engine generates up to 210 hp, while the latter up to 300 hp. As noted previously, those who decide on the Shelby GT500 will have a 5.4-liter supercharged V8 motor under the hood.

The 2007 Mustang comes with either a five-speed manual or automatic transmission.

Body Style & Interior Comfort

Several notable features highlight the old-school-meets-new-school body styling of the 2007 Mustang. These include:

  • Rolled exhaust tips
  • Side C-scoops
  • "Pony Package" to add V8 styling to V6 engine models
  • Classic Mustang profile

The Mustang has always been a two-door vehicle, and while the 2007 model is designed to seat up to four, you'd hardly call it a family vehicle. As is the case with most vehicles in the pony car segment, it is a tight squeeze in the backseat, and the trunk, at just over 13 cubic feet, is small. The interior is bolstered, however, by the aforementioned "Comfort Group" option, as well as a sleek new instrument panel.

Base 2WD 2D Convertible 5-Speed Manual 4.0L 210 HP 6 Cyl. [{"Key":"Base 2WD 2D Convertible","Value":"Base 2WD 2D Convertible"},{"Key":"Base 2WD 2D Coupe","Value":"Base 2WD 2D Coupe"},{"Key":"GT 2WD 2D Convertible","Value":"GT 2WD 2D Convertible"},{"Key":"GT 2WD 2D Coupe","Value":"GT 2WD 2D Coupe"},{"Key":"Shelby GT500 2WD 2D Coupe","Value":"Shelby GT500 2WD 2D Coupe"},{"Key":"Shelby GT500 2WD 2D Convertible","Value":"Shelby GT500 2WD 2D Convertible"}] [{"Item1":"Base 2WD 2D Convertible","Item2":[{"Key":"5-Speed Manual 4.0L 210 HP 6 Cyl.","Value":"5-Speed Manual 4.0L 210 HP 6 Cyl."},{"Key":"5-Speed Automatic 4.0L 210 HP 6 Cyl.","Value":"5-Speed Automatic 4.0L 210 HP 6 Cyl."}]},{"Item1":"Base 2WD 2D Coupe","Item2":[{"Key":"5-Speed Manual 4.0L 210 HP 6 Cyl.","Value":"5-Speed Manual 4.0L 210 HP 6 Cyl."},{"Key":"5-Speed Automatic 4.0L 210 HP 6 Cyl.","Value":"5-Speed Automatic 4.0L 210 HP 6 Cyl."}]},{"Item1":"GT 2WD 2D Convertible","Item2":[{"Key":"5-Speed Manual 4.6L 300 HP 8 Cyl.","Value":"5-Speed Manual 4.6L 300 HP 8 Cyl."},{"Key":"5-Speed Automatic 4.6L 300 HP 8 Cyl.","Value":"5-Speed Automatic 4.6L 300 HP 8 Cyl."}]},{"Item1":"GT 2WD 2D Coupe","Item2":[{"Key":"5-Speed Manual 4.6L 300 HP 8 Cyl.","Value":"5-Speed Manual 4.6L 300 HP 8 Cyl."},{"Key":"5-Speed Automatic 4.6L 300 HP 8 Cyl.","Value":"5-Speed Automatic 4.6L 300 HP 8 Cyl."}]},{"Item1":"Shelby GT500 2WD 2D Coupe","Item2":[{"Key":"6-Speed Manual 5.4L 475 HP 8 Cyl.","Value":"6-Speed Manual 5.4L 475 HP 8 Cyl."}]},{"Item1":"Shelby GT500 2WD 2D Convertible","Item2":[{"Key":"6-Speed Manual 5.4L 475 HP 8 Cyl.","Value":"6-Speed Manual 5.4L 475 HP 8 Cyl."}]}] [{"Key":"Base 2WD 2D Convertible5-Speed Manual 4.0L 210 HP 6 Cyl.","Value":"?vehicleNumber=19848&engineNumber=1189415&tranNumber=1198861"},{"Key":"Base 2WD 2D Convertible5-Speed Automatic 4.0L 210 HP 6 Cyl.","Value":"?vehicleNumber=19848&engineNumber=1189415&tranNumber=1198864"},{"Key":"Base 2WD 2D Coupe5-Speed Manual 4.0L 210 HP 6 Cyl.","Value":"?vehicleNumber=19851&engineNumber=1189415&tranNumber=1198861"},{"Key":"Base 2WD 2D Coupe5-Speed Automatic 4.0L 210 HP 6 Cyl.","Value":"?vehicleNumber=19851&engineNumber=1189415&tranNumber=1198864"},{"Key":"GT 2WD 2D Convertible5-Speed Manual 4.6L 300 HP 8 Cyl.","Value":"?vehicleNumber=19849&engineNumber=1189416&tranNumber=1198862"},{"Key":"GT 2WD 2D Convertible5-Speed Automatic 4.6L 300 HP 8 Cyl.","Value":"?vehicleNumber=19849&engineNumber=1189416&tranNumber=1198864"},{"Key":"GT 2WD 2D Coupe5-Speed Manual 4.6L 300 HP 8 Cyl.","Value":"?vehicleNumber=19850&engineNumber=1189416&tranNumber=1198862"},{"Key":"GT 2WD 2D Coupe5-Speed Automatic 4.6L 300 HP 8 Cyl.","Value":"?vehicleNumber=19850&engineNumber=1189416&tranNumber=1198864"},{"Key":"Shelby GT500 2WD 2D Coupe6-Speed Manual 5.4L 475 HP 8 Cyl.","Value":"?vehicleNumber=19178&engineNumber=1189417&tranNumber=1198863"},{"Key":"Shelby GT500 2WD 2D Convertible6-Speed Manual 5.4L 475 HP 8 Cyl.","Value":"?vehicleNumber=20464&engineNumber=1189417&tranNumber=1198863"}] View specifications for: Trim & Body Transmission & Engine
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About This Car

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Key Features

  • Navigation System
  • Soft Top
  • Cloth Seats
  • Leather Seats
  • Power Seat(s)
  • Front Seat Heaters
  • ABS Brakes
  • Air Conditioning
  • Alloy Wheels
  • AM/FM Stereo
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Auxiliary Audio Input
  • Bluetooth
  • CD Audio
  • Cloth Seats
  • Cruise Control
  • Front Seat Heaters
  • Leather Seats
  • Manual Transmission
  • Navigation System
  • Pony Package
  • Power Locks
  • Power Mirrors
  • Power Seat(s)
  • Power Windows
  • Rear Defroster
  • Rear Spoiler
  • Satellite Radio Ready
  • Shaker Sound Sys.
  • Side Airbags
  • Soft Top
  • Traction Control
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Key Specifications

Gas Mileage
17 City
25 Highway
Base Specifications
Transmission 5-Speed Manual
Drive 2WD
Engine 4.0L
Cylinders 6
Horsepower 210 horsepower@5300rpm
Torque 240 torque@3500rpm
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Customer Reviews

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5 Stars
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What customers liked
Power, Styling, Ride and Handling
What they didn't
Fuel Economy, Interior Space, Ride and Handling
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2007 Mustang
Stangman | 1/11/2015
I owned this car. Good car, new clutch. Shouldn't have sold it.
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