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About the BMW M Series

Vehicle Summary

When you are seeking a visceral connection between you, the road, and a premium machine, the BMW M Series delivers a collection of sedans, coupes, and convertibles designed to feed your executive speed demon. The M Series began as a street version of the BMW motor racing rides back in the 1970s. Now it offers a seamless bridge between all the latest tech toys in the cockpit with a serious combination of power and design that is ready to blister the pavement at the local track or slide right into your reserved parking space at the office.

Its adaptive suspension constantly adjusts to every bump in the road while a fleet of turbocharged engines produce up to 600 horsepower. Carbon fiber body panels, beefy brakes, and timeless styling are sure to satisfy the most demanding driver.

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Q: What is the BMW's M Driver's Package?

A: The M Driver's Package is offered on some newer models of the BMW M Series vehicles. The package raises the speed limiter and in some instances includes a performance rear spoiler.

Q: Which BMW M Series is the fastest?

A: The 2018 BMW M5 is listed as the fastest vehicle of the series rocketing from zero to 60 mph in just 2.9 seconds using its 4.4L twin-turbo V8 engine with 617 horsepower.

Q: What do the BMW colors mean?

A: Next to every ///M logo appears a three-color stripe. The red refers to Texaco, an early partner of BMW. The bright outer blue is for BMW and the dark purple in the middle represents their partnership.

Q: What does the M in BMW M Series mean?

A: M stands for Motorsport. The designation was originally used to support the BMW racing program in the 1960s and later grew into a performance modified model line, beginning with the M1 first appearing at the Paris Motor Show in 1978.

Popular Models

BMW M Series Models:

  • M3: The compact performance ride appeared as a coupe or convertible from 2007 to 2013 with a 4.0L naturally aspirated V8 engine with a six-speed manual heavy clutch transmission. The badge morphed into the smallest M sedan in 2014 to 2018 featuring a 3.0L twin-turbo inline-six.
  • M4: Introduced in 2014, the M4 carried on the design of the older two-door M3. A race-tuned suspension, carbon fiber construction, and active M differential mean you can attack the corners with the top down. The short-throw shifter eases through the gears using dual-clutch technology.
  • M5: Built on a longer wheelbase, the M5 embodies the traditional sport sedan segment. The fifth generation arrived in 2011 and introduced the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, the M active differential, and the twin-turbo V8 with 560 horsepower. The sixth generation beginning in 2017 brought intelligent all-wheel drive on board along with 600 hp, autonomous driver features, and an eight-speed transmission.
  • M6: The third and final generation of the coupe and convertible runs from 2012 to 2018. Offered as a sister to the M5, a carbon fiber roof, a pop-up roll cage, and lethal yet elegant styling bring the fun back of driving wide open down an empty highway. The moniker was retired at the end of 2018 and the design was re-released as the M8 for 2019.

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