Opt-out of your information being shared for value

What information may CarMax share for value?

CarMax does not sell your personal information for money. We do share some information with third parties like Facebook and Google in exchange for insights, advertising, or other valuable services. The California Consumer Privacy Act treats some of these exchanges as “sales.” We never share any personal information like social security numbers or passwords with such third parties.

Edmunds is an affiliate of CarMax that operates as a separate business with respect to the handling of personal information. Except as expressly addressed in this Policy or in other disclosures presented to you, Edmunds and CarMax do not share consumer personal information with each other. If you would like to exercise your rights with respect to Edmunds, please visit Edmunds.com.

Why does CarMax collect my information?

CarMax collects information to more effectively customize advertising and the experiences on our website and in adspace. We collect some of that information using cookies and similar technologies, and other information is provided by you, such as your email address. This information is sent to our advertising partners such as Google, Facebook, and others.

What happens if I ask for you not to share my information for value?

We’ll stop providing your data to our advertising partners, and you‘ll stop seeing personalized ad experiences from CarMax. You may continue to see ads about CarMax, but they won’t be generated based on exchanges of information that occur after you opt-out. You may continue to receive marketing emails from us unless you unsubscribe from them.

What happens if I delete my cookies or change my device?

If you change your device or delete your cookies, you will need to opt-out of your information being “sold” again. This opt-out will only work on this device and relies on the current cookies.

Email Opt-Out

In order to personalize marketing and advertising experiences, we may provide your email address to online marketers like Facebook and Google. To stop receiving personalized ads from CarMax, enter the email address that you want to opt out.

How do I opt out more than one email address?

Submit a separate email opt-out request for each email address.

Your email is required in order to opt out.