Opt-out of your information being shared for value

What information may CarMax share for value?

CarMax does not monetize your personal information, but we may share information with third parties in exchange for receiving insights, advertising or other valuable services. This sharing is limited to only information associated with your on-line activities that is captured in your cookies or similar technologies. We share the information with companies like Facebook and Google. The California Consumer Privacy Act treats some of these disclosures as “sales.” We do not share any personal information like social security numbers or passwords with such third parties.

Why does CarMax collect my information?

CarMax collects user data to more effectively customize the user experience both on our website, and in adspace. We collect information using cookies and similar technologies and send it to our advertising partners such as Google, Facebook, and others.

What happens if I ask for you not to share my information for value?

We will no longer be able to personalize your ad experience. You may however continue to see ads about CarMax, but they are NOT generated because of your interactions with our website after you registered your opt-out.

What happens if I delete my cookies or change my device?

If you change your device or delete your cookies, you will need to opt-out of your information being “sold” again. This opt-out will only work on this device and relies on the current cookies.