Right to opt out of sales and sharing of personal information for targeted advertising

Does CarMax sell my information?

CarMax does not sell your personal information for money.  We do disclose some information with third parties like Facebook, Google, and advertising partners in exchange for insights, advertising, or other valuable services.  Some state laws treat some of these exchanges as "sales."  To opt out, read below.

Does CarMax share or use my information for targeted advertising?

To deliver relevant advertising, CarMax and its digital advertising partners collect information about customers’ inferred interests and online activities.  For example, if you view a type of vehicle on our website, we may combine that with information regarding your activities on other sites or applications and use or disclose that information to present you with advertisements for similar vehicles when you visit our website again or when you visit other websites.  If you’d like to opt out of our use or sharing for such purposes, read below.

What happens if I opt out of the selling of my information or targeted advertising?

If you opt out of sales, when we recognize that information is associated with you, we will not disclose the information to third parties for their own use in exchange for valuable consideration.  If you opt out of sharing or processing for targeted advertising, we won’t use or disclose information that we recognize as being associated with you for purposes of delivering advertising to you that is targeted based on your activities on our and unaffiliated websites.

What happens if I delete my cookies or change my device?

Our opt-out processes for targeted advertising and sales rely on browser cookies that we place on your device.  If you change your device or delete your cookies, you may need to re-register your opt-out for sales or targeted advertising.

Does CarMax respect browser opt-out signals?

You can register a request to opt out of sales or the sharing or processing of personal information for targeted advertising by visiting our website using a browser that transmits the Global Privacy Control signal.  If you do so, we will drop an opt-out cookie on your browser.  The opt-out cookie is specific to the device and browser you are using when the Global Privacy Control signal is enabled.  If you visit our website using a different device or browser, or if you clear the cookies on a browser that you previously used to register your preferences, your opt-out preferences may not be recognized.  However, if the browser you are using does have the Global Privacy Control signal enabled, we will drop an opt-out cookie on the browser.

If you visit our website using a browser that does not transmit the Global Privacy Control signal or are using a browser or device that you have not associated with an opt-out preference, click below to register your opt-out preference.

Email Opt-Out

To personalize marketing and advertising experiences, we may provide your email address to online marketers like Facebook and Google. To stop receiving personalized ads from CarMax, enter the email address that you want to opt out.

To opt out with multiple email addresses, you’ll need to submit a request for each.

Your email is required in order to opt out.