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i love it

2008 Chevrolet Aveo ginger car - west allis wisconsin 05/06/2009

i am 37 years old, and this was my first new sister had the 2007 aveo sedan,i drove many times and i liked it very is a great car for the price i handels well,and i just took it on a road trip last weekend,and the gas milage is great.i would tell anyone and everyone to buy this car.for the price you cant go wrong.

In LOVE with my Aveo

2007 Chevrolet Aveo Granny - Sterling, VA 07/21/2010

I was looking for a small compact energy efficient car to replace my beloved CIVIC that died in my driveway after a 500 mile vacation and 8 years of trouble free service. I thought I wanted another CIVIC, but this cute little red car was sitting there innocently in the lot, having just arrived that morning, shinny and spunky just waiting to be taken for a ride. I couldn't keep my eyes off it even though the dealer was showing me what I had told him I wanted. When I sat behind the wheel of my Aveo I felt like my (_|_) was craddled in the most perfect seat! My back felt supported and I was surprised at the head room and feeling of NOT being down in a hole like with most compact cars. It was red, and I had never had a red car before, but think how easy it would be to find in a parking lot! And it had a little spoiler, not necessary, but so cute! Best of all was the mileage. 34mph. 34MPH!!!!

My Little Car

2007 Chevrolet Aveo Very Happy Customer - Gainesville , Ga 02/09/2010

I have always tried to pay cash for my cars, I had a Dodge Neon for 5 years and the day before Christmas the timing belt broke on my car causing major damage, my husband and I were unsure about what we were going to do, I cantacted a dealer,looked on line and out of all the cars to choose from this 2007 Chev. Aveo stuck out at me, I provided all the info. and when I got approved I was more excited then kids on Christmas !! Once everything was completed and I got to get into my new car I was shaking I was so excited, when I was driving it home evryone was passing me because I didnt want anyone to hit me, I have never had anything this nice before, its very nice, very comfortable,plenty of leg room, very smooth driving,it feels like you are floating on air!! I am very happy with my choice and would not trade it for anything !! I even named it my little Bug !!

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