Used 2009 Ford F150 For Sale

(43 Reviews)

2009 Ford F150 XLT Specifications

Feature Description
Transmission Automatic
Engine 4.6L
Horsepower 292 horsepower@5700rpm
MPG City 15
MPG Highway 20

Customer Review Summary for 2009 Ford F150

(43 Reviews)

Love my F-150

2009 Ford F150 GADaddyBear - Lawrenceville, GA 11/15/2011

I lost my 2002 F-150 in a break up in 2005. It took me 6 years to get MY truck back. I placated myself with Honda Civics and a Honda Element in the meantime. Man did I miss driving a truck. My FX4 has all the options on it except a towing winch and sunroof. Super sound systems, heated leather seats, power windows including the sliding back glass. Now to get all the toys for it. Line-X bed liner, K&N Cold Air intake, FlowMaster exhaust. One tip to all DO NOT PAY FORD TO MAKE YOU A KEY. You can buy the blank off E-bay and get it cut at Home Depot. If you have two working keys you can program the key and the door remotes yourself.


2009 Ford F150 Laverne Watchman - Ganado, AZ 10/29/2015

I purchased at Ford dealership. (used) After looking online, I think the price for the truck is very high. I have been telling the dealership that I'am ready for another vehicle, but they don't seem to listen.

2009 F150 STX 4x4 ext cab

2009 Ford F150 Karner - Virginia Beach, VA 12/01/2011

The 2009 Ford F-150 handles better, with greater overall response than before. On- and off-road handing is composed, and while you won't confuse its handling with a Mustang GT, it's not bad for a truck. We welcomed the F-150's improved steering feel and feedback, something that is often absent in full-size trucks. One negative we noted was that over some road surfaces, the floor of the truck resonated. But a new front seat design dramatically enhances comfort as you now sit "in" the seats as opposed to "on" them. In addition to providing better side support, they also provide good long-term comfort. Its truly a great value for your buck!!! Thanks for reading.

2009 Ford F150 Overview

The 2009 Ford F150 was a minor makeover from the 2004 model, with a new look to headlights and taillights. The SuperCrew version also includes a flat floor when the seats are folded down, and it has been stretched by six inches over the previous design. The design also changed to the point that two larger doors are back in use, instead of the two medium and two smaller doors that were used previously.

2009 Ford F150 History

The F150 has been one of Ford's best-selling trucks for years, but in 1991 those sales started to suffer. The truck had been first on sales lists, but suddenly it found itself in fifth place instead. That continued through the 2009 model, which was delayed a few months in an effort to help dealers sell more of the 2008 models and get them off their lots. The trucks were just not moving like they used to. The changes to the 2009 model included:

  • An all V8 lineup
  • Seven different trim options
  • An otherwise-optional engine in the top model
  • A new, stiffer frame
  • More plushness
  • Improved steering, with stability control and rollover mitigation

How It Drives

The 2009 incarnation of the F150 drives better than previous modelsto the stiffer frame and improved steering. It also benefits from stability control, and is more difficult to roll over. These protective choices were available on the F150 in past model years, but they are standard on the 2009 model, making the truck easier to drive and also a safer choice. For rugged terrain, having rollover mitigation can make a big difference, and the F150 will handle more easily in icy or snowy conditions, as well. No matter where you drive, the 2009 Ford F150 can be an excellent choice to get you there safely and in style and comfort.

Used 2009 Ford F150 Value

The F150 had an original MSRP of between $21,000 and $42,000, depending on which model was chosen and what options were selected. In 2016, a 2009 Ford F150 is valued around $12,000 to $25,000, depending on factors such as mileage and options. The trim level selected also matters, as a regular cab base model is going to be worth less than a top-end model with every available option. Ford's strong reputation helps its vehicles retain their value, however, so most F150s stay valued at reasonable rates compared to their competitors.

Design & Performance

The design of the 2009 Ford F150 is very similar to the design of the 2008, with a few notable exceptions for headlights and taillights, along with a longer wheelbase on the higher-end trim packages for the extended cab. With sleek lines for a truck, the F150 is a well-rounded choice that handles appropriately and that can get noticed. Drivers generally enjoy the powerful engine and the comfortable seating, along with the opportunity to have what they need at their fingertips, thanks to a well-designed dashboard and interior.

Powertrain & Engine

The F150 has generally had a reputation for having enough power, and the engines and drivetrains used in these vehicles have remained steady. In 2009, the F150 offered several options, including:

  • A 248hp, 16-valve, 4.6L V8 with a four-speed automatic in the base model XL and the STX
  • A 292hp, 24-valve, 4.6L V8 with a six-speed automatic in the other trim package options and styles
  • A 310hp, 24-valve, 5.4L V8 on the top-end, platinum model

Body Style & Interior Comfort

While many people do not equate trucks with comfort, the F150 does a surprisingly good job making sure drivers and passengers have comfort on their journey. The interior of the cab is roomy, and trim options allow for choices in color and fabric that can make an already comfortable drive even better. The 2009 model year offers:

  • XL, SXT, XLT, FX4, Lariat, King Ranch, and Platinum options
  • Two or four doors
  • Rear-wheel or four-wheel drive
  • Cloth or leather interior

No matter which options are chosen, the 2009 Ford F150 remains a strong, comfortable truck with the backing of a solid company. The external appearance is distinguishable from other makes of trucks, setting Ford apart as a leader in its field.

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