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2009 Taurus Lmtd

2009 Ford Taurus DaleDy - , 11/25/2013

This car is a great car, it rides smooth and has lots of nice features for its year. Biggest drawback is the body roll on twisty/windy roads and the moderate acceleration and distinctive exhaust sound. The heated seats, memory seats for different drivers, are nice features and are very attractive, it lacks a telescopicing steering wheel but does have a tilt and pedal height adjustment. Some of the cars best features are what we purchased it for the ROOM, lots of room, easy to get in and out of this car if you 4 or 94 if you can move you can get in and out fairly easily. Both the driver and passenger can rest their arms on the arm rest without being on top of one and other, unlike most other mid-sized sedans, yes I know this is considered a full-sized car, one of the few still made these days. Has a large trunk so trips to the store are a breeze. All and all, really happy with this vehicle to date.

Excellent 2009 Ford Taurus!

2009 Ford Taurus elvisonstage - Powell, TN 08/19/2012

2009 Ford Taurus is in brand-new condition...even smells new! Power everything, spacious trunk, AM/FM CD player! I feel like I own a brand-new Taurus at 60% of the new cost! I love the fact that Carmax has EVERY Carmax vehicle available to ANYONE, ANY PLACE the customer is located! I had mine shipped in frm Tinley Park, Illinois, and the car came to Knoxville FAST! I looked at the vehicle, test drove it and still had the option of saying, "No, I don't want this car." But in my case, NO! I DID want that 2009 Ford Taurus and drove it home that day, of all days, July 4th, 2012! The super-smooth drive, EXCELLENT amount of space inside the carmakes for a dream ride! I feel like I'm driving a brand-new Cadillac! And all this plus much more courtesy of Carmax in Knoxville, Tennessee, at a fraction of "brand-new" price! Thank you a million times over, Carmax!!!

2009 Ford Taurus

2009 Ford Taurus biggersfamily - Tampa, FL 07/21/2012

Car was in pristine condition and literally drove like new. I am not sure how they do it at Carmax, but I couldn�t be happier with my purchase. My past vehicle was a Taurus so I am a bit partial, but every feature, every aspect of this car indicated it was well taken care of as well as maintained. Yes, the previous owner would have had something to do with that, but how Carmax reviewed this car, showed clearly with not only external maintenance but internal, under the hood stuff too. Great value for the money!

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2009 Ford Taurus SE Specifications

263 horsepower@6250rpm
MPG City
MPG Highway

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