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Used 2011 Hyundai for Sale

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Reviews for 2011 Hyundai

Overall Rating

4.5 out of 5 (361 reviews)

Good looking, roomy, powerful, efficient car

I'm over 6 feet tall. I had to find a car that accommodated my size. I looked at the Sonata first. I then looked at the Accord, Camry, Altima, Charger, Fusion, and a few small SUVs. The first car was the best. It's bigger than it looks. It has ample leg room for me, plenty of cargo space, lots of power, and great fuel efficiency. The basic seats aren't the best but aren't terrible either. I would recommend this car for anyone looking for a dependable used car and don't want to spend a few thousand more on a Toyota or Honda.


  • Safety: air bags and lots of them.
  • Power: a four cylinder with lots of pick up
  • Fuel Economy: over 30 miles to a gallon and a 18 gallon fuel tank equals not visiting the gas pump too often


  • Seat Comfort: not the best but not the worst by far
  • Ride and Handling: it pulls a little even after being alligned
  • Visibility: a few blind spots you just have to get used to them.

- Adam Wolf, 2011 Hyundai Sonata

Surprisingly good trade-in when I purchased, the car pops!

I park the car near the front of our house, especially when I have to unload items from the driver's side. Anyway, when I look out the window from our house, it always looks good from the side, like it is raring to go - for a fast getaway! The car should hold it's value, have received numerous comments in just the few months I have owned it and last, but not least, my grown daughters even like it (they think it's cool and not an "old man" car)!!!


  • Fuel Economy: Saves money, time, environment
  • Power: When you punch it, something happens quickly
  • Technology and Entertainment: It's not too busy on the dashboard, like an airplane, even "old school" guys can figure it out, like to keep life simple?


  • Cargo Space: Have only hauled smaller stuff around, but it fills up quickly
  • Seat Comfort: I am a large man, wish seat went back (not tilted) into back seat about 2-3" more.
  • Safety: Concerned about being folded up in car during a high speed collision.

- Jeff Inglehopper, 2011 Hyundai Sonata

A few persistent issues

I got the car because it looked pretty, had an "upgraded" sound system, claimed to have new tires and was a decent price. 6 months in and I already regret my decision: (1) The entire front of the car fell off shortly after the first month and Carmax held onto it for a week to fix it (2) the sunroof leaks when it rains (3) the rear reversing camera decides when it wants to work and when not (4) the check tire pressure light goes on and off on at odd times when the tire pressure has already been checked (5) within the first month, the breaks started to develop unusually long breaking periods (6)the trunk doesn't really open right. It hasn't even been a year since I bought it and already something new doesn't work every month


  • Cargo Space:
  • Styling:


  • Fuel Economy:
  • Braking:
  • Technology and Entertainment:

- James Chizungu, 2011 Hyundai Sonata

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