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Customer Review Summary for Pontiac Sports Cars

(160 Reviews)

2007 pontiac solstice

2007 Pontiac Solstice dylan - brentwood, TN 11/04/2008

Great car, great handling, and great gas mileage. Did have one small problem with starting in the cold. Turned out to be the ignition or wiring to the starter, both were replaced. Also, would like to know what they were thinking when they placed the cupholders where they did, don't understand that one. Other than that I love the car.


2006 Pontiac Solstice Shamrock - Los Angeles, CA 03/23/2010

Can I just say, I LOVE this car! I am soooo glad I stumbled across it. I traded in my gas guzzling '03 Chevy Avalanche where I was averaging $85 per tank for this gorgeous peice of eye candy, costing about $35-$40 per tank (and that's for premium gas)...WOO-HOO! The price was absolutely unbelievable too. OMG...I was able to put $7k in negative equity from my truck on the back of this loan & am still paying less per month for this lovely than I was for the Avalanche! Plus, believe it or not, my insurance went down too! I repeat, I LOVE this car! These plus factors have basically drowned out the lack of umph the small 4 cyl engine produces. Most people look at this little roadster & expect it to be zippy, but it really does lack in that area. As many looks as I get, however, from admirers of me AND the car (lol), I really could care less that it doesn't give the power under the hood. Mine even came with nice 18" racing rims, but most of these that you come across have upgraded chrome rims anyways, so you're sure to get a nice looking ride. The other plus about this car is that since it was a concept car turned production, you don't see your same car everytime you turn the corner...and neither do those who are staring at you! Love, love, love this car! =)

True Roadster..the Solstice

2006 Pontiac Solstice TheDonFather - Houston, TX 09/21/2012

The 2006 Solstice is quite possible the funnest car I have ever driven. My first car was the 87 Fiero GT, the Solstice brings back this nostalgia and then pours on the sweetness of the 21st century. The Solstice has great performance, the first turn of the ignition is a pleasant low growl as the engine turns over and sets the tone for the rest of the drive. The sound system with sub woofer in dash 6 disc (mp3 disc), satellite XM/AM/FM, and Aux line in provided unlimited options for any audiophile who loves to drive with great tracks. Steering is tight, responsive and accelerating through the gears of the 5 speed makes this car a drivers dream. The car turns heads and draws plenty of compliments from people. For me, this car is grand..sure I could have bought a Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, you name it...but ask yourself how many you see in the daily drive. The Solstice is flat out unique. For the price point and features you just cant beat it sure its major competition is the Miata but look at the Miata....tiny tires...narrow body ...mundane aesthetics. Then look at the 245 wide tires 18" wheels and the styling the Solstice proudly displays with its wide stance and road hugging height...nothing else needs to be said.

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