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2010 Tacoma Off Road M6 4x4 Access

2010 Toyota Tacoma squeakyshoes - Lincoln Ne 04/28/2010

I decided to trade in my forever reliable 1992 Toyota SR5 for the 2010 Tacoma. The 92 was the best truck I have ever owned and the 2010 has a lot to look up to. Unfortunately the 2010 Tacoma is no match for my 92 Toyota. I wanted the bigger 4.0L and I wanted a manual. There are features however, or lack of them that has turned me off to this truck. The engine is loud. Anything above 2500 rpm produces a whinning sound. Plus during shifting, the engine does not throttle down immediately when you engage the clutch. So you get this whinning sound each time you shift. The steering wheel does not angle up enough to prevent my knee from hitting the steering wheel when I have to shift. This is a manual. Come on toyota!!! The gas mileage is horrible. 16max. I knew that when I bought the truck but what I didn't know or did not investigate is the small gas tank. So 250 miles is my limit between gas fill-ups. The center column has the latch on the drivers side. Very hard to get into. Plus my big hands always hits the latch when I try to install my seat belt. The column latch is just above the seat belt lock. The storage is very limited. I had much more storage in my 92 truck. The seat belts have a hard time retracting. I have slammed my seat belt in the door now 3 times because it did not retract properly. On the passenger side, a friend already damaged the seat belt and I have had the truck in to replace the belt. (1700miles). Not many miles to already have had a service call. The cabin air vents do not have much adjustment. If the air is set to come out the front vents, there is no way to prevent the air from hitting your face. Not enough adjustment to the directional vents. Some good things. It has power. Plenty of it. The ride is comfortable. Its almost like a car and not a truck. The turn radius is tight. It will turn on a dime. It pulls my boat with no effort. However I cringe on what my gas mileage will be towing the boat. Plenty of room in the front but the steering wheel is constantly in the way of my legs. The front column controls are handy. No nonsense layout. I love the radio. Will I have this truck as long as I had my 92? I doubt it. The 92 was a tough act to follow.

Toyota Reliability

2010 Toyota Tacoma Jeff - Mount Pleasant, SC 11/14/2014

Toyota Reliability in a 4 door truck

Strong mid-sized truck

2010 Toyota Tacoma Mike Williams - Clinton, MS 03/08/2016

It's a solid truck that also happens to be a blast to drive.

2010 Toyota Tacoma Overview

Introduced in 1995 as a compact truck by its Japanese maker, today the Toyota Tacoma is the best-selling truck in its class. Boasting exceptional reliability, and high resale value, the 2010 Toyota Tacoma is ranked #5 in compact pickup trucks by US News and World Reports. In 2005, Motor Trend magazine named the Toyota Tacoma as its Truck of the Year.

2010 Toyota Tacoma History

While the first generation of Toyota Tacoma pickups were sold as compact trucks, the second generation - beginning in 2005 - saw it reclassified as a mid-size. This generation featured either a 2.7L, 159-horsepower engine or a 4.0L, 236-horsepower engine. Four transmissions were released:

  • Four-speed automatic
  • Five-speed manual
  • Five-speed automatic
  • Six-speed manual

A new V6 optional engine brought with it many enhancements, including a 1,650-pound payload capacity and a 6,500-pound towing capacity. An X-Runner trim for the Toyota Tacoma replaced the sluggishly-selling S-Runner trim. It featured the V6 engine paired with 18-inch wheels, an X-Brace suspension package, factory-lowered frame, and a six-speed manual transmission.

How It Drives

The 2010 Toyota Tacoma drives just like one would expect a rugged, stylish, and comfortable truck to drive. While doing city driving, this truck delivers a smooth and comfortable ride with its rear wheel drive. It delivers 14 to 20 mpg while in the city and 18 to 26 mpg on the highway.

Some popular features of the 2010 Toyota Tacoma include:

  • Its ability to hug the road
  • Strong off-road capabilities
  • Wider front and rear tracks
  • Side-curtain and side-impact airbags
  • Substantial towing ability by the V6

Used 2010 Toyota Tacoma Value

Toyota vehicles are well-known for their exceptional resale value, and the 2010 Toyota Tacoma is no exception. Expect to find used Toyota Tacoma pickup trucks between $15,000 and $20,000. Due to their reliability and versatility, the 2010 Toyota Tacoma is considered a great value for consumers who want a comfortable truck that can easily tow a boat or camper for weekend fun.

Design & Performance

When Toyota decided to increase the size of its Tacoma pickup truck from a compact to a midsize, it also bumped up its available engine sizes to match. The previous four-cylinder, 2.4L engine was replaced by a 2.7L four-cylinder. A 4.0L V6 engine replaced the previous 3.4L one. This additional capability also increased the truck's towing capabilities, enabling it to give full-size pickups a run for their money.

Special 2010 Toyota Tacoma models include:

  • X-Runner with its factory-lowered two-wheel drive extended cab, six-speed manual transmission, Bilstein shocks, and 4.0L V6 engine.
  • PreRunner is available in each of the three cab styles and with either a V6 or four-cylinder engine. As a two-wheel-drive truck, it combines the rugged looks of the four-wheel-drive version with the lighter weight and reduced cost of a two-wheel drivetrain.

Powertrain & Engine

The 2010 Toyota Tacoma is available either as a four-cylinder or a V6 engine. The four-cylinder boasts 159 horsepower, is limited to the regular cab, and can be paired with either a four-speed automatic or five-speed manual transmission. The regular cab, X-Runner, and four-cylinder extended cab offer a tow rating of 3,500 pounds.

The crew cab comes standard with the 4.0L V6 engine that provides 236 horsepower. This larger engine is optional for the extended cab version of the 2010 Toyota Tacoma. When these cab options are equipped with a tow package as well as the V6 engine, they can tow up to 6,500 pounds.

Body Style & Interior Comfort

The 2010 Toyota Tacoma offers ample choices in cab arrangements to meet the needs of nearly all drivers. A regular three-seat cab, extended cab that can seat four, and a five-seat crew cab include comfortable and supportive front seats. Though the crew cab is roomy enough for kids and adults, the extended cab seemed to lack adequate space for most adults to sit comfortably.

Some updated features include:

  • Toyota Star Safety System
  • Available premium audio system with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Anti-whiplash active headrests for front passengers
  • Increased traction and stability control
  • Smoked headlamp trim for some models, including X-Runner, TRD Off-Road, and TRD Sport
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2010 Toyota Tacoma Base Specifications

159 horsepower@5200rpm
MPG City
MPG Highway

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