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Used 2011 Toyota Yaris for Sale

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Reviews for 2011 Toyota Yaris

Overall Rating

4.8 out of 5(11 reviews)

Yaris 2011

This is my second Toyota Yaris. My last was a 2009 and I opted to replace it with a 2011. I am so impressed by the changes and even more impressed that they left the things that I love about a Yaris. Biggest improvement is the change in the back seat head rest. Love the cup holder, sounds petty but they are amazing and sadly missing in the 2012. Handling and performance is great and the mph is great. Wonderful city car and feels like a much bigger vehicle in the inside. The car sits high and is easy to get in. I prefer the look of the outside vs the angles of the newer version.

- Kathy K, 2011 Toyota Yaris

Wonderful little car!

I previously had a minivan. I thought that it was the vehicle with the most space inside for a larger person. I actually have more space in this little car for my legs, head, and body than I did in the minivan! This car has more torque too. Plus my minivan was close to $80 to fill. This car is only $35. I had to fill my minivan once a week. This car I only fill every two weeks. This car is a 2011, a hatchback, 2 door, 5 speed. The maintenance on the vehicle is almost nonexistant and cheaper too! Everyone says my car is really cute and zippy. The base model had all the things I needed. I used to fold down the back row in my van and put things in there. While it is true that I had more room in the van, I actually found that I can put everything in the back of my hatchback. With a little organization, everything that I used to carry, fits! Plus! I can put down the back seats and carry just as much in this car as I could with the seats down in the van! I put four suitcases and several bags in there. I once put $200 worth of grocercies from a member club in the back of this car! And, when you are ready to put someone in the back seat, the seats in the back move forward (to give you more room for storage in the rear) or back (to give the backseat passenger more legroom.) My daughter is 5'8" and sits comfortably in the backseat. And the front seats move so far forward and fold so much it is easy to get in and out. I was also impressed by the fact that a friend who is only 4'8" could move the front seat up to reach the pedals comfortably, and I am a foot taller and can move the seat back to a comfortable position to reach the pedals too. I like the clearance as well, I was driving another car, as a rental (300) and the front bumper was so large and low that it scraped on things and the bumper unit would pop off! With this car, the bumper unit is not only put on more firmly but also not as low to the ground. Same parking space for both cars, no issue on the yaris! It is not a sport or luxury suspension. It does not corner like a porsche. It however will accelerate from 60 to 80 to pass someone on the interstate, not in a second, but still quick enough to do what you have to. I like the blind spot on the yaris better too, I can see more, faster, than I could in my van. I am not as high up, true, but I am so much smaller, a good things! My insurance did not change, for full coverage. The safety statistics are better on the yaris than they were on my van. I do have to push the clutch all the way through the floor to get the vehicle to start, but I am going to have that looked at. It even comes with a security system, complete with flashing red light. The key has the alarm pad/keyless remote built in. That makes it more expensive to replace, but way cheaper compared to some of the new fangled key fobs out there. I paid a great price, and the little car holds its value. Overall rating: (for the money, and type of car) Perfect 10

- N9thblonde, 2011 Toyota Yaris

Satisfied customer

When I saw my Toyota Yaris I thougt to myself that's what I said I wanted because their great on gas. My husband and I are very happy we chose this vehicle that is roomy inside and attractive outside, and it has a spacious truck. Being a Toyota I expect to keep it many years.

- Happy camper, 2011 Toyota Yaris

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