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Used 2012 Volkswagen Tiguan for Sale

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Reviews for 2012 Volkswagen Tiguan

Overall Rating

4.3 out of 5(27 reviews)

Total package

The Tiguan handles like a dream, especially to be a compact SUV. I expected it to be/feel slightly underpowered with the 4-cyl engine, but the factor turbo resolved that problem in my opinion. It is relatively quiet on the interstate, so road noise doesn't take away from the comfort of ride. The feel is very sporty and responsive as far as acceleration, braking, and cornering is concerned. As part of my test drive I had the salesperson drive as I rode in the back -- the back seats are as comfortable as the front, as they are fully adjustable. I purchased the lowest base model of the Tiguan (6speed manual S model), even with that, and the standard features are what I would expect to find in a middle or upper model of most makes. I am pleased with my purchase up to this point (3 months ownership) and would recommend the VW Tiguan.

- J, 2012 Volkswagen Tiguan

Great car! Great price! Great service!

Long distance drives are now a pleasure! Smooth ride.

- Judy Lindahl, 2012 Volkswagen Tiguan

Terrible car

I have owned many cars over the years and VW's are by far the worst. I owned 2 Tiguans. The first one a 2010 i had for almost 2 years and some of what they had to replace or repair the following: brake pads rotors door handles door locks ignition body side trim The left rear door handle came off when I tried to open it one day. The door locks would not work from the remote very often and you would get locked out of the car since it has no exposed key holes. For this they tried to replace the door locks, which did not help, so then they replaced the ignition after having the car in the shop 5 times for the same problem. The trim around the wheels was defective and had to be replaced. So I thought maybe a newer one would be better, how wrong I was. The second one a 2012 I owned for only 10 months and gave up on it, some of what it had to have replaced of repaired: brake pads rotors cabin filter fuel pump water pump transmission software engine management software body side trim front trim under bumper The car when put in to Reverse would make a terrible grinding noise, this they said was a known problem and just like on the 2010 they replaced the brake pad and rotors within a month of ownership. The engine was making a whining noise which turned out to be a bad water pump. The car was and automatic and would try to get to 6th gear as soon as possible so it would lug and make a droning noise as normal street speeds, another known problem and they updated the transmission software. Then the trim on the driver�s door was falling off and they said it was defective from the factory when installed and they could not fix it and had to replace it. The car also had a terrible smell inside and VW determined there was a defective cabin filter and changed it. The front trim under the bumper was falling off twice before they determined it had to be replaced as it was defective. I was driving on the street and the car suddenly shut off and I lost control of it due to the electric brakes, steering, and gas pedal design. I was able to glide it to stop luckily without incident. After a week in at VW service they changed the defective fuel pump that they had to order from Germany and had to update the engine computer to accept it. The next day after I got it back the check engine light came on and they had needed to open a case with VW to attempt to fix it. I then gave up and paid to get rid of it. These are just some of the reason not to buy a Tiguan or a VW in general. The only reason I see to buy one is if you want a free Gremlin with every purchase�.

- Previous VW owner, 2012 Volkswagen Tiguan

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