Your personal information is personal

We want you to have control over your personal information. Certain states, like California, provide customers with certain rights when it comes to their personal information. To exercise these rights under applicable law, please select an option below.

Select an option to request

Tell me what personal information you have about me

Provides documentation of all personal information CarMax has about you

Does not delete or change any personal information

Remove my personal information from CarMax systems

Removes your email from all marketing email lists

Deletes or removes all personal information about you that does not interfere with CarMax business processes

Deletes the MyCarMax account associated with your email address, if any.  As a result, online access to your CarMax Auto Finance account may be impacted.

Does not delete information that CarMax uses for operational, transactional, compliance, or security purposes

Does not provide documentation of personal information we have, or have already deleted

Appeal a Privacy Rights Decision

Process for you to request CarMax to review an action relating to a privacy right

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