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Used BMW 3-Series for Sale

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About the BMW 3 Series

Vehicle Summary

The BMW 3 Series includes a sporty midsize sedan, sport wagon and BMW's own Gran Turismo, the manufacturer's version of a touring hatchback. It may be a good choice for you if your next ride needs to be responsive, peppy and agile on the road, whether you're meeting clients across town or taking your small family across the country. Commitment to fine engineering and fun driving are found in this series of exceptional vehicles.

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Q: What car types are the BMW 3 Series models?

A: The BMW 3 Series includes a midsize sedan, a sports wagon and BMW's own version of the hatchback, a Gran Turismo. This allows this series of models to meet a wide range of needs from the manufacturer's customers, whether it's a young adult making waves on their own or a family hauling gear to soccer practice across town.

Q: Is the BMW 3 Series rear-wheel drive?

A: BMW is one of the few car manufacturers who have stuck with rear-wheel drive vehicles in their 3 Series automobiles.

Q: Which 3 Series BMW has a turbo?

A: A turbocharger is designed to pull more air through the engine to increase a vehicle's overall performance in a smaller engine. That's why all BMW 3 Series automobiles have turbo as part of the engine system, a feature dedicated to sporty performance.

Q: When did the BMW 3 Series body style change?

A: The last time the BMW 3 Series saw a significant change was in 2013, when it lost its coupe and cabriolet body styles for the current sport wagon and hatchback styling. However, a new body style with harder-hitting lines was introduced for sale at the 2018 Paris Motor Show, with production expected to begin in 2020.

BMW 3 Series Trim Models

Sixth Generation (2011-present):

First for sale in 2012, the sixth generation of the BMW 3 Series saw significant changes from past generations. Unlike past BMW 3 Series vehicles, the sixth generation no longer has a coupe or convertible option available, which has been moved to the 4 Series line. The vehicle features a longer and wider wheelbase, providing superior stability compared to past generations. Increased trunk space makes it easier to transport everything you need around town, while the new four-cylinder engine is capable of going from zero to 60 in 0.3 seconds faster than the outgoing engine. The upgraded interior provides a more luxurious ride, while the more muscular, distinctive facade makes it stand out from the crowd. The Gran Turismo introduced a longer wheelbase to the hatchback, making it roomier than past models. The sixth generation also saw the introduction of the BMW turbocharged engine. Plug-in hybrid and three-cylinder engine options appeared in this generation during the 2016 model year.

Seventh Generation (2018-present):

Compared to the sixth generation, the BMW 3 Series seventh generation is a big lightweight, featuring a larger overall size and lighter overall body. It packs a lot more new technology into the vehicle to provide you with even more features than was ever imagined before, including standard automated emergency braking and collision warning, and a bevy of other optional driver-assistance features. It includes the continuation of the 330e plug-in hybrid that was seen in the last generation, while the four-cylinder engine in the 330i will see a boost to 255 horsepower and a torque boost to 295 lb-ft and the six-cylinder engine reaches 382 horsepower and torque at 369 lb-ft in the M340i. Though rear-wheel drive will be standard, the 330i and M340i is available fo sale in all-wheel drive as well.

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