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(442 Reviews)

Drive one and you'll understand!

Now a Jeep lover - Cumberland, MD 07/01/2010

Well, here goes... I originally had a 1998 Wrangler. For what it was, a third vehicle, it was great. Very small not good for a family. Now I own a 2010 Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon. This thing is a night and day difference between the two door model! I am married with four kids. So family drives with all the kids are pretty much non existant in this Jeep since it seats five. Unless my oldest wants to stay home or is out with friends. Otherwise it fits my wife and three little kids quite well and even has enough cargo space in the back for a weekend trip! If you looking for long distance comfort though, forget it. The seats and headrests and at best like sitting on a brick. Short distances are ok. Since this is my daily driver and commute one hour each way, I've gotten used to the seats... After my first 5,000 miles. The heater and A/C are top notch. Even with the soft top. The Bluetooth works well at highway speed with the soft top on and ok with the top down and windows up. It is built to drive where others can't. So if your looking for a plush cushy ride, buy a Caddy! But if you're looking for a very capable SUV, the Jeep is for you. My wife says my favorite line is, "Hang on! I want to try something..." Overall I would buy another. There's nothing like driving with everything off, including the doors! What a rush! If your looking for a larger family vehicle this may not be the right choice. However, for a smaller family it's quite nice. It's true what they say: "It's a Jeep thing. You wouldn't understand." I didn't until I owned one.

06 Wrangler

4X4 - Hartford, Wisconsin 03/12/2009

Nice handling jeep. Rides smoother than I thought it would. Low miles per gallon for a straight 6. Overall, I'm very pleased.

I Love My Jeep and the CarMax Experience

W. Williamson - Herndon, VA 01/15/2017

I decided to go with a Jeep, because I wanted the freedom of driving regardless of the weather conditions outside - I have a job that requires me to get to/from work. When I began looking for Jeeps, the Wrangler fit my personality, lifestyle and performance was absolutely the right decision. - Just the right size for my use (2-door); the 4-door would have been too big for the car that I drive primarily as a commuter vehicle for myself - It's fun! I enjoy the top down, door-off "jeep" features, but still has the amenities of a nice car on the inside - Compass, satellite radio, front/rear wipers, fold-down seat, 4WD, cruise control...all features that I enjoy

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