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MY HHR, the right car at the right price

I LOVE THAT CAR BEFORE I PURCHASED IT!!! I went to CarMax looking for the HHR with under 40,000 miles and the last year the HHR was produced. I was taken over to a computer and the salesman punched up about 10 HHRS' ranging from 2008 to 2011 and 22,000 miles up to 80,000. From viewing the car online to purchasing the car was a very easy process. I LOL when I received my on HHR website to share with family and friends. I have had the opportunity to show my HHR inside and out and advised people to go to CarMax for a variety of selections.


  • Styling:
  • Cargo Space:
  • Value:

- Juanita T, 2011 Chevrolet HHR

Great car at a affordable price. (Keep the savings in the bank)

My previous vehicle was a Infinity G37 sedan. Although it was a great vehicle, the upkeep and gas was very expensive. (Had pink slip) So I decided to downsize to the Honda Civic three months ago. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. (Purchase Honda with 12,730 miles) Although the horsepower is weaker & it did not have all the toys like the Infinity, the Civic is not bad. I decided to add an aftermarket audio & navigation (Kenwood) to the vehicle which make the interior layout to the Civic pretty cool to drive in and look at. The exterior is pretty sporty as well. If you are looking for a vehicle that is reliable, dependable, a bit sporty, upkeep cost, and the gas pump savings, Honda Civic is the car to own.


  • Reliability: Honda...need I say more?
  • Fuel Economy: Saving a ton of money on upkeep and gas cost.
  • Safety: Safety is always top 3 on Honda's list. Knowing that gives me comfort every time I drive.


  • Power: A little slow on take off. Overall not bad.

- Joseph Norman, Jr., 2011 Honda Civic

Range Rovers are in a league of their own

Nothing really compares. It's got everything I ever wanted in an SUV. It's elegantly styled inside and out. Amenities galore. The ride is not only compliant but luxurious. The craftsmanship is spectacular. The boot is big enough for my Airedale terrier to sleep stretched out in the back. The supercharged V8 is extremely smooth and powerful but boy is it thirsty. In fact, the biggest drawback is fuel economy. It's actually worst than expected. I've had a few problems: parking sensors, faulty voice recognition and battery issues. In fact, it seems there is no battery on the market that can keep the vehicle systems running while in park. It is quite expensive to maintain but the cost of ownership is worth it.


  • Power:
  • Styling:
  • Safety:


  • Fuel Economy:
  • Cost to Maintain:
  • Technology and Entertainment:

- Ulysses V, 2011 LA RGRO

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