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HEMI Challenger rules!

2009 Dodge Challenger journeygirl - chicago 07/28/2010

I got this car as a high-mile vehicle to save on the price, but it was in phenomenal condition for a year old with 49k. It's of course stunning--the pics don't begin to do it justice. I have the bright Hemi orange R/T. Needless to say, it's insanely fast. I consider it a working man's muscle car, as it was "do able" for 26 as a base model. It's VERY comfortable a ride for a muscle/sports car. The driver/shotgun cabin is huge. Mind you, I'm a 5'7 slim-built female, and I find the Camaro waaaayyyy to cramped, and it sits like putting one's butt on a bag of rocks. The Mustang hits me in a similar manner. Sorry, devotees. Just how I feel personally. I started driving in a 1981 Cutlass Supreme 4-door, which had tail lights that look like the pattern on a waffle. So, I feel right in a big "see-dan." I also love a Caddy-esque "squishy" ride. The Mustang in comparison has always bothered me with too-tight suspension (which used to make it just itching to spin, even on dry pavement), and it's never felt comfy to me. If you're a bigger/taller person, you should feel at home in this car. My dad is about 6'2, and 270 pounds, and he didn't look at all uncomfortable in the car. The stereo is quite capable of transmitting bass frequencies, however, it's strangely sibilant (meaning when someone speaks or sings a letter "S" it sounds hissy) at the baseline on the EQ, meaning in the middle. I would have liked a bit more OOOMMPH power-wise. To be fair, I like funk, and classic rock music, all of which was on LP's (records), so the recordings themselves are MUCH quieter than they are now. At some point, I'd like to yank it out, and see if I can put in a BOSE or even better, Bang and Olufsen (see the movie "Copycat," the vertical CD player is the same era B and O I have---featured in the scene when she looks over crime-scene photos.) A small desktop one is $3,200 10 years ago, but it's VERY VERY nice. I have no idea if they even make car stereos. I got one at a GARAGE SALE!!! The owner's manual is about 300 pages long, and not as well set-up as I'd like in the glance I got to see thus far. This car gets EVERYONE'S attention. It's very difficult not to do a burnout (yes, on an automatic!) at every stop. It's also not easy to keep it below 80 MPH!!! It feels like the car is totally happy at 75mph, and would easily do 100 all day long. I've gotten looks from a man driving a late-model quad-whatever Maserati!! And a Lotus, too! Both very expensive cars; about 100k plus each! The good news is, smiling at those people is nice because you don't have to explain why the car is cool and well worth 30 grand. I think the Hemi orange only comes in R/T or STR 8, and I know it's the only one with dual exhaust pipes. The 60 horse larger STR8 is a huge difference in price, tho. OOOh, on the expressway going to Sunday breakfast, I saw a 70's muscle car maybe a mile and a half away. I stepped on it, and caught up to him in four seconds to find he was driving a 1970 Challenger in Plum Crazy Purple--a convertible now worth about 80 grand. I thought I'd be bothered by lack of leather seats, but I'm really not. I heard about a company that makes nice seat covers for that anyway. About a thousand dollars for all of the seats, but you get what you pay for. I also didn't know if I'd like the high-shine rims, but they actually work for this car. They wouldn't on say an Accord ot even a Lexus. The calipers rattle a bit over bumbs by nature, as I hear it, but it's not annoying. And I'm one who's REALLY bothered by annoying noises. Minor downside: the "sight lines" along the back quarter panel frankly are really not great. I've lost entire cars in the blind spot. I hope I don't one day miss a bike (motorcycle) or a ten-speeder. Parking into garages is...well, not fun. I put a board under the back tires, because as I said, you can't see NOTHING back there. This way, when you lightly bump against the board, you know you can't go back farther. This was never an issue in my daily driver, a 1997 Honda Acccord. Also, I'm used to stopping in about 145 feet in the Honda from a good 60 mph. The Honda weighs about 2,700 pounds as a four-door. The Hemi of course, is VERY heavy at 4,100 pounds. It's like stopping a loaded Caddy pulling a small bus. I've wished I had a clutch so I could use it to slow the car down, and downstift and slowly release the clutch as you would on an old motorcycle with ineffective brakes. The steering takes more effort than the Accord. It's almost not a "two fingers steering" car. It's a "ten and two" as they told you in driver's ed. However, it's inordinately FUN to drive. I don't even mind being stuck in traffic with this car so much, b/c you still get to look cool. Plus, everyone looks at you. What surprises me is how anyone could be oblivious to a bright orange Challenger. I hope Dodge decides to make a nice aftermarket engine cover. The one on there is a huge and UGLY bit of plastic that covers up all the cool parts. It's quite quiet at idle, which I plan to fix with custom exhaust eventually to get a nice, unoffensive Maserati sort of note from that. Revving the motor will never fail to make you smile, nor will just looking at this "great pumpkin." Someone unfairly reviewed this car here a bit negatively b/c they had three kids and the backseat is clearly made to be more decorative than day-to-day functional. If I had kids, I would sleep with the keys on my person, as the car is completely irresistable to me, I can only imagine being a teenager again. Wait until they have their own kids, and then buy this car. The seats are electric, so not made to move out of the way fast. I like the CD holder in the console. I like the chrome badge on the glovebox, and wish they'd have given us the nice chrome door runner piece stock, too. This one has the bigger tires, so I hear it grips better. Car and driver called the larger tires "not as much fun."

Awesome Car

2011 Dodge Challenger Casey - Lawndale, CA 06/24/2011

I love everything about this car except for the fuel mileage. It's supposed to get 18 city but I'm averaging 13, and I'm really not that much of a lead-foot. I don't care though because it looks great, drives great, is great.

A great for the money .

2009 Dodge Challenger charles stackpole - york, SC 07/21/2016

Rides nice ,a lot of power for a heavy car . A lot of room for two people .

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