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Customer Review Summary for Honda Civic Hybrid

(89 Reviews)

No Frills Car

2008 Honda Civic Hybrid lms22468 - KCMO 01/10/2011

This is a very basic car, although it does have pw, pl, cruise and an aux out. I would like to have had Ipod integration, a compass, rear vents, and cup holders, vanity lights, fog lights, heated seats, sunroof and a myriad of other options that are not available on a Hybrid (of this year). I think now there are 2 trim packages, basic & navigation system. FYI - The rear seat does not fold down d/t the battery being partially stored there. I only do city driving around 40-45mph and I rarely hit stoplights since I work overnight. I have only been able to get about 38mpg (with no air or heat use) but I usually get around 35. The whole reason I bought this car was for the gas mileage but the MPG is not what I expected. When I did take it on the interstate@ 70 mph, it was really hard to keep it at a steady speed. Which, in my previous cars I never had to alter the pressure on the gas pedal very much to stay within 1-2 mph. With the Civic I have to fully concentrate on the pressure and keep an eye on the speedometer otherwise I'll look down and be going 7 -10 miles over or under the speed limit. I used the cruise control for a while but could visibly see the gas mileage drastically reduce. (the car has a gas mileage tracker) PARENTS - It would be a great car for a teenager because it is really hard to maintain a fast speed and it has virtually no acceleration. So there would be no point in racing anyone, except maybe someone in a Hoveround. I would not buy this car again. I would not recommend it for a family, but it would be ok for a single person with an occasional passenger in a flat area (to get the best mpg). Anyway, if you are buying this for the hybrid prestige only - consider a different car.

Fuel-efficient commuter car

2012 Honda Civic Hybrid Jim K - Decatur, GA 09/30/2016

The 2012 Civic Hybrid is factory-rated at 41 mpg, and that's exactly what I'm getting after five months of use. Handling is much tighter than my Camry. Road noise is not bad for a subcompact. Seats are not very comfortable; driver's seat feels off level, headrests are awkwardly angled, backseat has minimal legroom. Not a lot of horsepower, but hey, it's a hybrid. Braking is excellent. Styling is nicer in newer models, but it's still a good-looking car.

Commuter car

2006 Honda Civic Hybrid Rose - Springfield, VA 10/05/2010

We were desperate for a quick purchase having just moved back to US from overseas. I needed a commuter car to drive to work...something reliable with good fuel economy. This was the first and only car we drove, and decided to purchase right away. It was VERY comfortable and had all the quality you'd expect from Honda. Much more leg room and comfort for a "small car" (My husband is 6'2" and hates our SUV which seems not to have as much room as the Honda...) Only negative is that it was stated to have great fuel economy...58/61 mpg !! Although, 39 mpg is nothing to criticize, I felt that I didn't really get what I thought I was getting at the time of purchase. I have owned Hondas before, and in all other aspects, was not disappointed in this little gem! Would probably buy it all over again, but just expected a bit more fuel economy for a hybrid vehicle. I would recommend this to family/friends!

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