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Ford F-150 Overview

As the most popular entry in Ford's F-Series of trucks, the F-150 is favored by off-road enthusiasts because of its reliability and durability. It's a solid option for anyone in the market for a used truck and provides a lot of staying power for an affordable price.

Ford F-150 History

Throughout each subsequent Ford F-150 generation, the vehicle remains popular with a high carrying capacity, good control, and good mileage compared to similar vehicles. Each generation introduced new technology as it became available, ensuring Ford stayed competitive with other best-selling trucks in its class. Though none can compete with this timeless style, the biggest difference between the different generations is Ford's focus on interior comfort and approachability - in recent years, as the Ford F-150 transitioned into a daily use vehicle that provides lots of utility, Ford ensured that fans will always have a new version in the series to upgrade to.

How It Drives

The F-150's nimble handling, despite its size, continues to impress owners and improves on the utility it brings to the table as a large pickup truck. Despite its improvements, some find that the ride could be smoother. Ford has emphasized that later models feel more like cars, with relatively quiet driving experiences, and has introduced dashboard tweaks to interest a wider range of carbuyers.

Used Ford F-150 Value

Because of its storied history, prospective buyers should have no trouble finding a version with a price that they can afford. Additionally, since Ford seldom changes the F-150's exterior and handling, the price tag may vary strictly on interior comfort. For daily use, buyers should consider 11th generation F-150s, which were produced from 2004 to 2008 and were introduced with a new platform with four doors and more spacious cabs.

Ford F-150 Standard Features

Because of its rugged exterior, exceptional functionality, style, and affordability, the F-150 straddles the line between a daily commuter and a light-duty work truck. The 3.5L V6 engine ensures that more recent models are more fuel efficient comparatively. Three other engines are available in recent models, and while three are similar in performance and power, the 2.7L V6 engine is an unusual choice that ensures there's an option for those who prioritize gas mileage over anything else. Other Ford F-150 pickup trucks include updated 3.5L V6 engines, 3.7L engines, or 5.0L V8 engines. Ford has also added a list of standard and optional features that include massaging seats, a surround-view camera, and in-bed storage.

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1223 available nationwide
Used Ford F150 at CarMax © evox images
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