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2012 Ford F150

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2012 Ford F150

Ford F150 highlights

Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5

RepairPal reliability rating**

(data not available)

Mileage (EPA estimate)

17 city, 23 highway, 19 combined

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All Ford F150 years

Ratings & reliability

Customer ratings

The 2012 Ford F150 is a great truck with good gas mileage. Customers love the way it rides, operates, and the way it handles in all types of weather conditions. The inside leather heated seats are extremely comfortable. The truck is a great driving truck with great gas mileage. It's basically an Ford F150 on steroids. The power the look and fueled just right. Customers are satisfied with the truck.
5 Stars51
4 Stars16
3 Stars1
2 Stars0
1 Star2

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STX 2WD 2D Regular Cab

* Price excludes taxes, title, registration, and fees. Applicable transfer fees are due in advance of vehicle delivery and are separate from sales transactions.