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GMC Acadia Overview

The GMC Acadia is a large crossover SUV available with up to three rows of seating. Thanks to its spacious interior, powerful engine, and affordable price tag, the Acadia is one of the better choices for a family vehicle.

GMC Acadia History

Debuting in 2007, the GMC Acadia was initially introduced with 3 trims: SLE-1, SLT-1, and SLT-2 with an SL trim introduced in 2010. Refreshed in 2013, the Acadia received cosmetic updates to bring it closer to the competition. The GMC Acadia enters the second generation in 2016 with changes to the frame. It's a smaller vehicle in terms of length, wheelbase and width. To coincide with the change, the third-row seat is now no longer standard on all models.

How It Drives

The first generation Acadia's acceleration is a little less than satisfying and off-roading is a bit of a challenge. Its fuel efficiency, though, is respectable and very similar to its competitors. The second generation comes equipped with more power and an optional upgrade to a V6. Inside, the Acadia is spacious and practical.

Used GMC Acadia Value

The Acadia is a quiet vehicle with respectable fuel economy and lots of interior space. For families, this alone is more than worth the price. More recent editions of the GMC Acadia have more powerful engines and more responsive transmissions than its initial 2007 offerings. With a change in seating, the vehicle appeals to a wider variety of family sizes. The Acadia competes with three-row crossovers such as the Ford Edge, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Kia Sorento and the Honda Pilot. The Acadia is a quiet vehicle with respectable fuel economy and lots of interior space. For families this alone is more than worth the price.

GMC Acadia Standard Features

The second-generation base engine is a 2.5L four-cylinder. For those seeking something more powerful for similar fuel efficiency, the four-cylinder swapped out for an upgraded 3.6L V6 engine. All GMC Acadias are built with either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. For second-generation vehicles, both versions have a new drive mode selector with different modes for different driving conditions. Additionally, the new All Terrain trim model has the best off-road potential.

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Used GMC Acadia at CarMax © evox images
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