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2022 Tesla Model Y

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2022 Tesla Model Y

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  • Excellent battery range and Tesla Supercharger network
  • Comfortable, spacious interior


  • No Apple CarPlay® or Android Auto™ connectivity
  • Optional third row has limited usefulness

Mileage (EPA estimate)

131 city, 117 highway, 125 combined

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The 2022 Tesla Model Y is an impressive all-rounder

The 2022 Tesla Model Y combines impressive driving performance, long battery range, and a simple, tech-rich interior in a compact luxury SUV package. In 2022 it faces increased competition from the Ford Mustang Mach-E, Volkswagen ID.4, and a number of other electric and gas-engine rivals, but the Model Y remains a compelling choice. Tesla offers two models for 2022, the Long Range and the Performance. Each has an EPA-estimated range of about 300 miles and can access Tesla's impressive Supercharger charging network.

Both models are all-wheel drive and deliver brisk, effortless acceleration; the Performance model is in supercar-like leagues. The interior is simple, and the large 15-inch touchscreen controls everything from navigation to ventilation. Indeed, the only physical controls are the steering wheel, accelerator, brake, and a couple of column stalks. The Model Y is a fine all-rounder that drives well, though the Performance model's larger wheels and stiffer suspension affect comfort levels. A big seller, and justifiably so, the Model Y is well worth considering as a compact SUV.

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Long Range 4WD/AWD 4D Sport Utility

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