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2020 Tesla Model Y

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2020 Tesla Model Y

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  • Good performance and range with both models
  • Lots of passenger room, front and rear


  • No Apple CarPlay® or Android Auto™ integration
  • Performance model has a stiff suspension

Mileage (EPA estimate)

129 city, 112 highway, 121 combined

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2020 Tesla Model Y makes a splashy debut as an all-electric small luxury SUV

Given the huge sales of compact luxury SUVs, it's a bit of a surprise it took Tesla until 2020 to bring one to market. It has, though, and like the rest of the Tesla range the Model Y is completely battery-powered. Based on Tesla's Model 3 sedan, the Model Y—like all Teslas—does things a little bit differently, with all but a few controls clustered in a sizable 15-inch touchscreen. It works well with some practice, but the lack of Apple CarPlay® or Android Auto™ smartphone integration is inconvenient.

Tesla offers the 2020 Model Y in Long Range and Performance trim levels, both of which feature all-wheel drive. With either choice, performance is impressive: The Long Range can sprint to 60 mph in 4.8 seconds, and the Performance model is even quicker at 3.5 seconds. The EPA-estimated range for both trims is 300-plus miles, and the Tesla Supercharger network is available for rapid charging when you're out and about. Space is excellent for both passengers and luggage, and forward visibility is good. Visibility to the rear is less so because of the slim, high rear window. It's an impressive debut for the Model Y, with all the usual Tesla hallmarks of high technology, performance, and charging convenience.

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