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Best car ever

2006 Acura TSX Acura convert - Metro Atlanta 03/12/2009

I've driven almost every US and foreign car out there and the Acura ranks right up top of all of them. The seats are comfortable, the steering is smooth and the ride is exceptional. I love this older body style too- it's not dolled up like the newer version. My husband won't like this, but my cars from now on will be Acuras. :)

I call my car The Gypsy Pearl as it really is a beautiful pearl

2011 Acura TSX Patricia - Mission Viejo, CA 04/26/2015

It's a great car. It's easy to drive, has all the electronics anyone would want, is well built and a very good warranty. It is fully adjustable, has seat warmers, good GPS screen, excellent braking system and all the nice little extras like telling you when a tire is too low or you have a message from the company. I would buy another Acura with no hesitation!

Anyone for a "normal" station wagon?

2012 Acura TSX Randall - Los Angeles, CA 03/21/2015

This is a process of elimination. If someone is looking for a vehicle with the interior capacity of a wagon or SUV but doesn't need 4wd or the butch styling of a SUV or cross-over, choices are sparse. The are virtually no "regular" Euro wagons under $40K being made today (2015) with the exception of the VW Golf Sportwagen. Even used BMW, Audi, Mercedes, etc., wagons are north of $30K and extremely rare. So, if one wants a reliable regular wagon under $30k, with decent gas mileage, either new or slightly used, the clear choice seems to be the TSX Sportwagon...assuming one can be found. The choices available in other parts of the world are vastly better (Mazda 6 diesel wagon come to mind) but alas, we are in a country in love with SUVs.

Acura TSX Overview

The Acura TSX is a midsize, sporty sedan that Acura introduced under its luxury lineup. It's one of Acura's most popular models; the TSX was well-praised by both car enthusiasts and journalists alike for each year it was produced. If you're looking for driver-oriented luxuries in a versatile and relatively affordable commuter vehicle, then start your research with the Acura TSX.

Acura TSX History

  • The Acura TSX debuted in the 2004 model year.
  • Acura released the second generation of its TSX models in 2009. The redesigned TSX was designed to be slightly larger than its predecessor, and a little heavier. This TSX comes standard with leather upholstery, dual-zone climate control, and other premium features.
  • In 2010, Acura also added a Sports Wagon version of the TSX.
  • Production of both the four-door sedan and the five-door Sports Wagon Acura TSX ended with the 2014 model year.
  • It was succeeded by the Acura TLX.

How It Drives

This sports sedan provides a driver-oriented experience, and brings plenty of spunk and utility for daily commutes. The Acura TSX plays a balancing act between decent fuel efficiency and a high performance driving experience. The car is quick, but not too quick, and the TSX will never punish you at the gas pump. The suspension permits a controlled, yet comfortable ride. It's crisp to handle and feels well-balanced when you're behind the wheel.

Inside, the TSX lives up to its entry-level luxury status. Second-generation models are geared with adjustable leather seats and have essential equipment such as Bluetooth connectivity, remote entry, and so on. Higher trims have feature packages that upgrade the audio system and include navigation capabilities.

Used Acura TSX Value

To many, the Acura TSX is an extremely competitive car for its class. The TSX is considered to be one of the best overall sports sedans, which makes it a good deal for a luxury car. However, higher trim levels compete more directly with sports luxury cars such as the Infiniti G37 and the Audi A4. The higher-trim TSX models will even draw comparison to Acura's own TL model because both Acura sports sedans feature the same V6 engine.

The Acura TSX is lauded for being well-rounded during both its first and second generation models. Its high critic ratings and high resale value indicate that the TSX is ideal for anyone seeking longevity and value from a used sports sedan, especially for TSX models with both a V6 engine upgrade and the technology feature package.

Design & Performance

The Acura TSX has looked and performed similarly throughout the years. The model redesign in 2009 brought with it only a few changes; the biggest modifications were a larger body and a facelifted front-end. However, the second generation TSX offered more purchase options than previous models:

  • The TSX is also available as a five-door Sport Wagon for the 2011 year model. It has a four-cylinder base engine mated to a five-speed automatic transmission.
  • The same year, the Acura TSX received the option to upgrade to a V6 engine shared by the Acura TL.
  • In 2012, Acura introduced a Special Edition model. The exterior has an even sportier appeal that is reminiscent of previous Acura RSX models.
  • The Acura TSX is available in six colors: white, black, silver, gray, red, and blue.

Powertrain & Engine

Acura does a lot of things right to bring performance value to the Acura TSX:

  • A 2.4L four-cylinder base engine is standard for both generations of the TSX.
  • The TSX's base engine can be paired with either a five-speed automatic transmission or a six-speed manual transmission, depending on preference. Second-generation TSX models with an automatic transmission also come with paddle shifters.
  • In 2010, the Acura TSX became available with a 3.5L V6 engine that is only available with a five-speed automatic transmission.

Body Style & Interior Comfort

The second-generation Acura TSX has a few visual changes. Namely, the build is slightly taller and wider, and there are a few design updates to the front end of the TSX. This generation introduced an additional body style to the four-door sedan: the five-door station wagon.

Additionally, the TSX has two different trim levels above the base level that has helped buyers further customize their vehicle:

  • The Acura TSX Technology feature package includes a few upgrades not typically found in the base or the V6 TSX, such as a built-in navigation system with rearview camera and voice recognition.
  • The Acura TSX Premium replaced the base trim for the 2013 model year. It includes a comfortable interior and the same customization options as the original base trim.
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