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About Acura Vehicles


Are you interested in purchasing a vehicle that combines high-class elegance with unmatched driving precision? Look through the variety of models Acura offers to buyers looking for something exquisite with lots of great features. You’ll find everything from beautiful sedans to high-performing SUVs that suit the needs of every type of driver.

Unless otherwise noted, information relating to these featured vehicles comes from third-party sources, including manufacturer information. Product and company names may be trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of third-party entities. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by these entities.

Popular Models

Find out what you can expect from each Acura model and find out which fits best into your current lifestyle.


The Acura ILX is a compact luxury sedan first introduced in 2013 as a way of attracting new buyers to the Acura brand. It filled a slot that had been empty since Acura discontinued production of the Integra model in 2001. Engine options for the 2013 models included a 2.0L 201 hp model along with a 2.4L four-cylinder version with 201 hp. There are also hybrid versions available with a 1.5L engine as well as a 17.2-kilowatt DC electric motor.


Acura introduced its first premium crossover back in 2001 with the intent on providing buyers with a combination of Honda’s high-level engineering along with the luxury expected from the Acura brand. The vehicle comfortably seats up to seven passengers for either long commutes to work or vacation trips anywhere around the country.

The 2014 model saw Acura introduce front-wheel drive to this vehicle along with an upgraded direct-injected V6 engine. You can also look for 2017 models which feature Acura’s redesign of the entire front grille. This was also the year that a sports hybrid version of the MDX was made available.


Designed to complement the MDX, the RDX is a smaller crossover vehicle that still provides you with a lot of great features and potential upgrades. Acura upgraded the engine from a 2.3L version to a 3.5L V6 version in 2013. It seats up to five passengers and comes with all-wheel drive, a multi-view rear camera, and a power moonroof. All models from 2014 and beyond offer an optional technology package that provides features like a Rear Cross Traffic Monitor, an Acura Navigation System with a 3D View and a premium audio system that provides enjoyable listening on long trips.


Acura introduced this luxury large-model sedan in 2014. The RLX comes with a 3.5L V6 engine, made especially for those of you looking for that ultimate combination of elegance and power. There are also hybrid versions available with a combination 47 hp electric motor. Everyone can ride in comfort thanks to the Tri-Zone Automatic Climate Control System that comes with an Air Quality Sensor that alerts you when there's an issue with the air you are breathing.


The Acura TLX was introduced in 2015 and is a mid-sized luxury sedan that comes with either a 206 hp four-cylinder or 290 hp six-cylinder engine. You can also enjoy the benefits of smoother driving thanks to the Integrated Dynamics System. The TLX gives you Super-Handling All-Wheel Drive and Agile Handling Assist. Some cars also contain a Road Departure Mitigation System option that warns you when you are about to go over lane markings on a road or highway.


The TSX sports sedan was first introduced in 2004 and produced until 2015 when the TLX replaced it. You can find versions with either a 2.4L four-cylinder engine or a 3.5L V6 engine. You can enjoy great features like HID headlights, a rearview camera, and hands-free phone capabilities. Other options include climate control, premium leather seats, and navigation linked to both weather and traffic to help you plan the routes on your upcoming vacation.

CarMax Pricing

  • ACURA ILX 2014-2017 — Average CarMax price under $20,000.1
  • ACURA ILX 2018 — Average CarMax price under $24,500.1 
  • ACURA MDX 2014-2017 — Average CarMax price under $30,500.1 
  • ACURA MDX 2018 — Average CarMax price under $43,000.1 
  • ACURA RDX 2014-2017 — Average CarMax price under $25,500.1 
  • ACURA RDX 2018 — Average CarMax price under $34,500.1 
  • ACURA RLX 2014-2017 — Average CarMax price under $24,500.1 
  • ACURA TLX 2014-2017 — Average CarMax price under $19,500.1 
  • ACURA TLX 2014-2017 — Average CarMax price under $21,500.1 

1Based on CarMax average prices between August 1, 2018 through January 31, 2019. Actual prices may vary based on your selected model year, features and trim packages. Prices do not include tax, title, tags, and any applicable fees.

Unless otherwise noted, information relating to these featured vehicles comes from third-party sources, including manufacturer information. Product and company names may be trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of third-party entities. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by these entities.

Reliability Research


RepairPal gave Acura an overall reliability rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, which RepairPal describes as Excellent. This rating ranks Acura 5th out of 32 among all car brands. This rating is based on an average across all the vehicles RepairPal considered in its dataset.

  • Cost RepairPal reports that the average annual cost for repairs and maintenance on all Acura models is $383, compared to an average of $543 across all the models RepairPal considered in its dataset. This includes both scheduled maintenance and unscheduled repairs.
  • Frequency According to RepairPal, Acura owners bring their vehicles into a repair shop for unscheduled repairs an average of 1.1 times per year, compared to an average of 1.2 times across all the models RepairPal considered in its dataset.
  • Severity RepairPal reported that the probability of a repair being a severe or major issue is 6% across all Acura models, compared to an average of 11% for all the models RepairPal considered in its dataset.

RepairPal Reliability Ratings are based on the actual cost, frequency, and severity of unscheduled repairs and maintenance on make/model data for select 2006-2020 vehicles. The reliability of a specific vehicle may vary depending on its maintenance and driving history, model year, trim, and features.

*RepairPal Reliability Ratings are provided by RepairPal and CarMax is not responsible for their accuracy. These ratings are based on RepairPal Reliability data as of 09/01/2021. Learn more.


Reviews for Acura

Overall Rating

4.5 out of 5 (515 reviews)

Couldn’t be happier with this purchase!

The 2015 RDX has been the best of the both worlds of practicality and luxury. It’s paired Acura reliability and a powerful v6 with a compact size and reasonable fuel economy. It offers an elevated driving vantage point higher than the compact car I was used to, but without a significant size change to need to relearn how to drive a bigger vehicle. The leather interior gives a premium feeling cherry on top of the already excellent vehicle package. While the tech bells and whistles are noticeably starting to feel dated, all the essentials are there and the price I paid for it more than compensates for that minor lag. I get excited every time I get on the road with it; it’s the closest to being “in love” that I’ve ever been with a vehicle.


  • Cargo Space: For two people, there is always enough room for everything we need it for without leaving the compact category of vehicle!
  • Value: We got more car than our previous leased vehicle and both our monthly payments and insurance went down.
  • Power: Never any problem passing any vehicle; excellent pickup and the vehicle does it with ease! No strugglebus to get up to speed fast!


  • Cabin Noise: It’s quieter than I’m used to, but not on the level of a BMW.
  • Fuel Economy: For the city driving I’m used to doing, 19 mpg is much lower than I’m used to, and this thing recommends premium fuel. My gas costs definitely increased.
  • Styling: It’s good, but the more recent models are definitely flashier. This profile is a little more family “minivan” looking than the most recent, edgier styling.

- Joshua Murphrey, 2015 Acura RDX

Great car but even better service

the car is absolutely wonderful, but the crew at the Germantown CarMax went above and beyond to make a happy customer. i carefully chose a car, and showed up ready to come home with this car as long as the test drive went ok. Unfortunately, the car was mislisted with missing safety features and i was upset that it wasnt the car for me (i had a friend recently pass from a car accident). Instead of the crew, letting me just deal with the disappointment, they took initiative to find me a suitable car, have it rushed in, and price matched to the one I picked out. I couldnt be happier. I think about their generosity most days and am absolutely in love with my car. I hope they see this one day and remember me.


  • Cargo Space: great amount of usable space.


  • Dashboard: like a space ship. i love it.

- Carolyn Jablonowski, 2020 Acura RDX

Great price for a low mileage Acura SUV

I really enjoy the grunty 6 cylinder engine. It also has AWD, which really helps the acceleration. The seats are comfortable and I like the elegantly simple and functional interior. I also like the exterior design/look. I wish the back up camera had an audio collision warning element. I thought it was there but switched off with preferences, but it is not--it's just not there. I also would like for the suspension to be a little more taught. My RDX is a Sport edition, but it still feels a little lax on corners at speed. Otherwise, I love this vehicle, and would definitely consider getting another one.


  • Power: Nice acceleration, especially when merging onto highway traffic.
  • Cabin Noise: Nice and quiet.


  • Technology and Entertainment: Back up camera should have an audio proximity warning. The camera display could also be bigger.
  • Ride and Handling: Great, smooth ride, but I feel it could be a little tighter around corners at higher speeds.

- Andrew Dudash, 2018 Acura RDX

This price does not include tax, title, and tags. Additional fees may also apply depending on the state of purchase.