Looking for style and practicality? Midsize SUVs check all the right boxes.

Best Midsize SUVs of 2017 | CarMax

Whether you’re running to softball practice with equipment and kids in tow or heading off-road for a weekend of camping and boating, a midsize SUV can fit the bill for a number of needs. Generous cargo space, notable towing capacities, ample seating, and off-road options make midsize SUVs the vehicle of choice for many. Midsize SUVs tend to offer more space than the best compact SUVs, with some of them matching the roominess found in the best SUVs with 3 rows.

In this article, we’ll review some of the hottest features of our top-selling midsize SUVs from the first half of 2017.

  1. Toyota Highlander
  2. Honda Pilot
  3. Nissan Murano
  4. Ford Edge
  5. Chevrolet Traverse
  6. Nissan Pathfinder
  7. Dodge Journey
  8. Kia Sorento
  9. Jeep Grand Cherokee
  10. Ford Explorer


Toyota Highlander

Best Midsize SUVs of 2017: Toyota Highlander | CarMax

If your SUV is expected to see lots of highway driving, the 2017 Toyota Highlander may be the ideal pick for you. This midsize SUV is both comfortable and quiet on the highway, giving you ample space to carry passengers as well as gear. The high-end interior seats seven to eight, with considerable cargo space.

The 2017 Toyota Highlander likewise comes equipped with a lineup of features that come standard with the vehicle. Another 2017 enhancement is an extensive styling update, one that’s sure to help keep the Highlander going strong on the Toyota SUV list. Trim levels for 2017 let you choose your engine power and FWD or AWD. This SUV also includes standard features like easy-to-reach buttons and knobs, a color touch screen, heated mirrors, and adaptive cruise control.


Honda Pilot

Best Midsize SUVs of 2017: Honda Pilot | CarMax

A powerful engine and ample, adult-friendly seating are big draws for the 2017 Honda Pilot. A V6 engine comes standard with the vehicle, which is not typically the case with other midsize SUVs. Three rows of seating accommodate seven to eight, with a spacious third row providing legroom enough for adults. The seats are as roomy as they are plush, and the generous cargo space is equally as impressive. Keep in mind that the V6 engine comes standard with the 2017 Honda Pilot. Five trim levels are available in FWD or AWD. Features that come standard include a seven-speaker audio system, USB port, a push-button start, and Bluetooth®.


Nissan Murano

Best Midsize SUVs of 2017: Nissan Murano | CarMax

A streamlined appearance may be the first thing that catches your eye with the 2017 Nissan Murano, but that’s not the only thing this midsize SUV has going for it. Climb inside and you’ll find a posh cabin outfitted with comfortable seats and intuitive technology. Apple CarPlay™ is now an option introduced for all 2017 Muranos offering entertainment for the whole family. The 2017 Nissan Murano delivers refinement and performance you’d typically find with luxury SUVs. The cushy seating accommodates five, and you can choose from two different trim levels with FWD or AWD. Stay comfy and entertained with standard features that include dual-zone automatic climate control, satellite radio, USB port, Bluetooth®, six-speaker audio system, and an infotainment system.


Ford Edge

Best Midsize SUVs of 2017: Ford Edge | CarMax

A super smooth ride and easy handling are two of the highlights of the 2017 Ford Edge. The Edge handles like a sedan, yet boasts plentiful cargo space that leaves no doubt you’re hauling gear in a roomy SUV.

The 2017 Edge comes with ample interior space includes seating for five, along with hard plastics throughout the cabin that can make for quick cleanups. Four different trim levels come with FWD or AWD options, along with a strong engine lineup. The standard infotainment system gives you parental controls, Bluetooth®, and a USB port. Push-button start and a proximity key also come standard with the 2017 Ford Edge.


Chevrolet Traverse

Best Midsize SUVs of 2017: Chevrolet Traverse | CarMax

The Chevrolet Traverse takes a solid spot on the best midsize SUV list, thanks to its solid performance. The 2017 Traverse offers generous cargo space as one of its top features, providing plenty of room for all the equipment needed for sports and other adventures. Ample seating is another perk, with enough space for seven to eight passengers.

The ride and handling are both smooth and car-like, a feature typically found on crossover types of SUVs. Chevrolet Traverse updates for 2017 include a refreshed base trim and the Premiere trim replacing the LTZ trim as the top trim level. A touch-screen audio system comes standard with this Traverse, as does Bluetooth® and a USB port.

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Nissan Pathfinder

Best Midsize SUVs of 2017: Nissan Pathfinder | CarMax

The Nissan Pathfinder has been a consistent crowd favorite since it was introduced. As one of the earliest vehicles on this list of midsize SUVs on the market, the 2017 Pathfinder comes with significant updates. The base-level package comes with standard equipment such as keyless ignition and Bluetooth®. You’ll also find updated headlights and taillights, along with improved suspension and revamped exterior design. Four trim levels available in 4WD or FWD let you personalize your ride even further.

Three rows of seating are part of the 2017 Pathfinder’s deal, as are a V6 engine and ample cargo space in the base trim. It may also be one of the best midsize SUV choices if you need to tow a trailer or boat, with an estimated towing capacity of 6,000 pounds, when properly equipped.* Additional standard features on the 2017 Pathfinder include automatic climate control for three zones, a six-speaker audio system, voice command recognition, HD and satellite radio, USB port, and infotainment system.


Dodge Journey

Best Midsize SUVs of 2017: Dodge Journey | CarMax

The Dodge Journey may be an obvious choice for new or used car buyers looking for a no-nonsense vehicle. This midsize SUV can be a smart pick for a family vehicle, as it offers a comfortable ride with third-row seating that can accommodate up to seven. The cargo space may not be as roomy as other SUVs on the list, but it may still be able to handle the basics.

The 2017 Dodge Journey offers a user-friendly infotainment system as part of the perks, as is the ability to upgrade to a potent V6 engine. It’s no surprise that the Dodge Journey is a popular choice on the Dodge SUV list, with five different trim levels available in FWD or AWD in the 2017 model.


Kia Sorento

Best Midsize SUVs of 2017: Kia Sorento | CarMax

The 2017 Kia Sorento serves up a compelling combination of quality and value. Here you’ll find a midsize SUV crossover that’s neither overly bland nor overtly ostentatious. You’ll enjoy average cargo space, an attractive interior, and an easy-to-use infotainment system. The midsize SUV seats five, with an optional third row that can expand to seat seven.

Another perk of this best-midsize SUV crossover are the loads of features to choose from. Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay are two of those features that became available in 2017, and you can also up the oomph with a powerful V6 engine.

Multiple trim levels come with FWD or AWD options, giving you even more choices to suit your needs. You’ll also enjoy Bluetooth, a USB port, and satellite radio as standard features that come with the 2017 Sorento.


Jeep Grand Cherokee

Best Midsize SUVs of 2017: Jeep Grand Cherokee | CarMax

Tough on the outside with a well-appointed interior, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is a solid choice if you’re looking for a vehicle that combines performance with comfort. The exceptional off-road capabilities and powerful engine lineup may be no surprise to Jeep fans. The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a joy to drive, with the wherewithal to take you through rugged terrain as effortlessly as it can take you through town.

The 2017 Grand Cherokee selection comes in five trim levels with multiple customization options. You can enjoy seating for five, and several small cargo spaces designed for essentials. Voice-command activation comes standard with the 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee, as does an infotainment system, dual-zone automatic climate control, Bluetooth, a six-speaker audio system, and push-button ignition.


Ford Explorer

Best Midsize SUVs of 2017: Ford Explorer | CarMax

If you aim to find a vehicle with the ideal combination of comfort and style, look no further than the Ford Explorer. Ranking #1 on our list of top sellers , the Ford Explorer was the first SUV to hit the mainstream market and has long been on the many of our customer’s top SUV lists.

The 2017 Explorer delivers smooth handling and three different engine choices that provide a seamless driving experience. The high-end interior materials help make for a quiet ride. Interior seating in the 2017 Explorer accommodates seven, with cargo space adequate for essentials. Updates for 2017 include a lineup of refreshed trim levels, features, and exterior styling options. This top-selling vehicle comes equipped with standard features that include goodies like voice-control interface, a USB port, Bluetooth, and six-speaker audio system.

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