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(275 Reviews)

good value

2005 Chevrolet TrailBlazer ron langley - macon, GA 10/09/2015

very comfortable, roomy for its size, overall performance is better than average

Love My Car

2008 Chevrolet TrailBlazer Forensic Lady - Jackson, MS 01/03/2012

I love my car. I enjoy everyday I get to drive it. I would recommend anyone to get this car. The handling is great. It is not too big but it gives you that extra room if you like to travel like me. Best car I ever bought!!

The SS: Go quick in style

2007 Chevrolet TrailBlazer MADA - Austin TX 08/31/2012

Silverado truck frame, Corvette drive train, SUV covering. What a sleeper. My wife asked me if I 'got a big engine' after a brisk take off from a light. I wasn't even 'into' it. Well, that was a month ago. The new has worn off. There are more whistles and bells in this car than I've ever seen. Onboard NAV, memory seats, mirror settings. Just how long to keep the headlights on after you turn off the car? Or do you? Or do you want to unlock the doors when you shift into Park, or when you remove the key, or.... There is a 300+ page owner's manual, and to enjoy all the things this car provides, it is needed. Oh yes, it has an onboard air compressor which levels the car after startup, like when it is loaded, and has an air chuck fitting, and air hose, that can be used to fill tires and such. I towed a dual axle u-haul, loaded to about 3000# plus 1000# of flooring tile onboard. Although it did let me know it was back there, the SS had no trouble pulling it, at all. Braking? Just as good as acceleration. It was mostly just the noise of hitch clanking and the nudging from the slop my plugin hitch had as old as it is. It is very comfortable. I have done 300 miles at a stretch in the SS and although not quite ready to do another 300 back to back, quite impressive. A/C doesn't blow ice cubes out of it, but its good enough for Texas here. And its black, to boot. It handles almost as well as my 350Z. It is quicker than it by a fraction. The ride is smooth. A perfect machine.... except... This thing is thristy. My first month, I averaged 15mpg at the pump. I saw 18 running hwy, a/c on, 65mph. But, it runs like its burning it :) I bopped the front bumper out of alignment while manuevering the u-haul. Scratched the lower part just a bit, a black magic marker took care of it, but the bumper is hung with plastic snaps and a couple of small brackets. I took a look at the back bumper, to mount a CB antenna, and found pretty much the same deal: small body bolts, snap on fittings. And it looks so good (haha), not the quality one would perceive. The computer will not let you use engine braking, like downshifting. Would have been handy towing, for additional stopping power (like downhills). Behavior is stock and Chevy does not recognize this as a problem. On the sport's side of this, spin the engine over 3000rpm and it 'wakes up'. Not that it doesn't have low end torque, it has plenty. But get it up over 3000rpm or so, it comes alive. Along with the excellent suspension, it feels 'happy' when it gets up around 80mph. Simply awesome. Sleeper if you want, or a machine with driving power, too. I have found when I push it and hear that exhaust growl (normally I don't), that is an indication the 'thristy mode' kicks in. Onboard computer verified that. I've had many cars in my half a century of walking this earth. This SS, is my favorite one, and that's saying a lot. Oh, did I mention it came with a factory Bose stereo system? What a deal.

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