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Used Honda sports cars for Sale

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Reviews for Honda Sports Cars

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4.8 out of 5(79 reviews)

Would buy another!

I have had my s2k for about a month now. I have admired the S from a far since its inception in 2000, and I can tell you that this car is one of the best bangs for your buck. With this car you get performance, great gas mileage for a sports car, affordability, and best of all reliability. This is a Honda after all. I would definitely recommend it to a friend or anyone for that matter.

- it'S2grand, 2004 Honda S2000

Honda S2000; A Lot of Sports Car For the Money

I've been pretty loyal to the Honda brand, so when I was in the market for a sports car it is no surprise that I looked at the S2000. I have to say that there are significant ups & downs to owning one so here it is! Ups: -This car is simply fun to drive. From the engine note as you scream to the 8K red line (9K red line in the 99-03 models), to the handling. Honda got it right. -Exotic; this car is a little on the rare side. When on the freeway you see tons of Boxters, Z4's, & Miatas. Not a lot of S2000's. So if you are into standing out and a bit of a non-conformist, you need to look at this car. -Value: This car is in the same class as its German counterparts but is thousands less. The value continues with the purchase of a used one; you can pick up one with low miles for about $22-25K! Most importantly, maintenance. Its a a friggin' Honda! Oh, and by the way, the trunk is probably the biggest in class even though the car is on the smaller end. It will fit a full carry on suitcase & golf clubs. -Mods not necessary. Honda has squeezed almost every ounce of performance out of this car. The car has a 2.2L 4 cylinder engine producing 273hp. Just some perspective, I had an old Accord with a 2.2L 4 cylinder engine producing 120HP. Yeah, the engine is on crack! Don't get me wrong, if tuning is your thing, there are tons of mods for this car, but if you are looking for out of the box fun, the S2000 delivers. -This ain't no dressed up Miata! If you are in the market for a Miata, test drive both and then make a decision. You may be in for quite a surprise! Downs: -Tall people have a hard time in this car. I'm 5'6" and it fits like a glove. I have a friend that is 6' tall. He loves the car but feels a little cramped. -Low on creature comforts. If you like wood grain, GPS, and heated seats, you won't find it here. Honda took a minimalist approach so the driver focuses on the road. You can get an iPod connector, trunk CD changer, and XM. That's about it. Of course you can add a lot of these as after market features, but if you are looking for pampered top down cruising, this ain't it. What it is though is a driver focused sports car. So if this is what you are looking for, the S2000 will not leave you disappointed. -Ride is rough and the car is a bit loud. May be tough as a daily driver. It is the perfect weekend ride. -May be hard to find. People who buy S2000's generally love them, so you won't find them easily. FYI, the car I bought came from Albuquerque, NM and I live in California. Couldn't find a lot of good low mileage them where I live. Also, if you are interested, be prepared to act quickly. When they go on sale they don't last long! All in all, I'm happy with my S2000. I wouldn't trade it for a Boxter, Z4, or a Miata! Happy car hunting.

- Flyinchop, 2007 Honda S2000

Decent price because of the no haggle...

Because as a single person with no kids. This car is perfect for a daily driven car that has nice weather.. Just do not drive in rain or wet weather. Married people can have this car too. but not for family car. This car is limited.

- pong moua, 2007 Honda S2000

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