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Chevrolet Cruze Overview

The Cruze is one of Chevrolet's more popular models. Even though it is a small sedan, it is roomy and comfortable, providing plenty of seating and space for the driver and passengers. It is also easy on gasoline, so buyers looking for good fuel economy will want to consider it among their options. The whole host of electronics available on the newer models also make the Cruze a popular option.

Chevrolet Cruze History

There is a lot to like about this little sedan. It has changed throughout the years, and those changes have helped it become even more marketable. Buyers of this car can expect:

  • A complete redesign starting with the 2016 model
  • A hatchback body style available starting with the 2017 model
  • Teen Driver system to provide parental watchdog features
  • Great gas mileage while still providing power

How It Drives

The Chevrolet Cruze drives in a way that would be expected for a smaller car. It is a little sluggish in terms of acceleration. And while it offers good fuel economy, it is not as good as buyers might hope for given the small engine. Handling is swift and smooth, though.

Used Chevrolet Cruze Value

Compared to other small cars in its class, the Chevrolet Cruze holds its own very well. Buyers can expect to pay rates for the Cruze similar to the ones they would pay for the Ford and Chrysler options of the same size, though the Cruze is not going to hold value more strongly than competitors. Still, the Cruze is a good model and a strong contender for anyone looking for a new or used small sedan.

Design & Performance

The Chevrolet Cruze is a front-wheel-drive car, and a significant improvement over the Cobalt. It was redesigned in 2016, and really came into its own during that model year. The 2017 model year has continued to improve on the changes. The 1.4L engine offers 153 horsepower. A six-speed manual transmission is standard on the majority of trim levels, and that is a bonus for drivers who prefer manual shifting, as newer cars that offer this can be hard to find. Drivers can expect:

  • A zero-to-60 time of 9.6 seconds
  • A combined city/hwy gas mileage of 32 mpg
  • An automatic engine start/stop feature with the automatic transmission
  • Six different trim levels to choose from

Powertrain & Engine

The 1.4L, four-cylinder engine offered in the Chevrolet Cruze poses some concerns for drivers, mainly that the car may be a bit underpowered for its weight and size. Its zero-to-60 time of 9.6 seconds is a full second slower than other sedans in its class, and the acceleration can feel sluggish. The transmission shifts smoothly whether manual or automatic, but buyers have complained about the automatic start/stop feature that is designed to conserve fuel when the Cruze is not moving. It cannot be disabled, and is not a feature that all drivers enjoy or appreciate.

Body Style & Interior Comfort

The Chevrolet Cruze offers plenty of electronics and technology, along with a lot of legroom and headroom for the driver and front and rear passengers. There is also ample trunk space for the size of the car, giving the Cruze a slight edge over some of its competition. With the Cruze drivers can expect:

  • A stylish look with sleek finish materials
  • A large backseat for extra passenger comfort
  • The MyLink infotainment system with touch screen
  • Excellent cargo space in the car's trunk and the hatchback model

There are many reasons to love the Chevrolet Cruze, even if great acceleration is not one of them. This is a car to enjoy.

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Used Chevrolet Cruze at CarMax © evox images
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