Fuel savings calculator

Fuel economy is important when buying your next vehicle. See what the savings could add up to between two cars using the inputs below.

Let's calculate your annual fuel savings.

Enter the estimated gas price per gallon of fuel, the number of miles you expect to drive each year, and the EPA-estimated fuel economy ratings (MPG) of the vehicles you're considering.

Fuel cost to drive Car A 25 miles $3.30

Fuel cost to drive Car A for 1 year $1,650

Fuel cost to drive Car B 25 miles $2.36

Fuel cost to drive Car B for 1 year $1,179

Savings Summary

Price per gallon $3.30

Miles driven per year 12,500

Car A's EPA-est. MPG 25

Car B's EPA-est. MPG 35

Monthly Savings

Annual Savings

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The above calculation is based on your inputs and EPA fuel economy estimates. Actual results may vary.

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