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Used 2018 Dodge Durango for Sale

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About the 2018 Dodge Durango

Safety Rating

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration's independent crash tests help you make informed decisions about vehicle safety. NHTSA's 5-Star Safety Ratings give consumers insights into how vehicles perform in crash tests, with more stars equaling higher safety ratings. Here are the ratings for the 2018 Dodge Durango. Certain vehicles may have unrepaired safety recalls. Visit to look up a specific vehicle.

NHTSA Overall Rating
Frontal Barrier Crash Rating Test: A head-on collision between two similar vehicles traveling at 35 mph.
Front Driver Side
Front Passenger Side
Side Barrier Crash Rating Test: A vehicle standing in an intersection sustains driver side impact from a vehicle moving at 38.5 mph.
Rear Passenger
Side Pole Crash Rating Test: A vehicle slides sideways at 20 mph and impacts a tree or telephone pole.
Combined Side Barrier and Pole Crash Ratings: Test data is combined to indicate overall safety by passenger location.
Front Seat
Back Seat
Rollover Resistance Test: A single vehicle moving at 55 mph loses control on a curve, leaves the road, and rolls over.
Rollover Rating
Dynamic Test Result
No Tip
Risk of Rollover

Reviews for 2018 Dodge Durango

Overall Rating

4.5 out of 5 (26 reviews)

I love it so far

It fits my family if 6. There is enough space for my kids to sit without fighting one another . it also drives nice and smooth and have all the accessories I want. Sunroof, heated stearing wheel, heated seats and gps n backup cam. the major perk I wanted was to be able to start my car from the house and it does just that . I don’t like that the seats are a mixture of leather and cloth. the cloth is a little difficult to keep clean but I also love that the interior is all black . when I got it it did have a mark on the chair like they put leather glue to try n fix the seat and a mark on the front bumper . those r the two things that bothered me the most .


  • Interior Space: Space for my family to sit comfortably
  • Styling: I love the hood n the body of the truck
  • Dashboard: I love that I can see everything on the dashboard


  • Cost to Maintain: Little expensive to maintain if you don’t have the extended warranty . That’s a must
  • Fuel Economy: Takes a lot to fill up with the new gas prices but I don’t let my needle go pass a half tank

- Ciara S, 2018 Dodge Durango

Secretly it's a luxury car

I love Dodge. I love their In-your-face, Anything-but-boring personality and all of their great driving cars. But this one is different in a confident, subtle way. I've had quite a few Chryslers and Dodge products along with MANY Mercedes and even a Now I've had a many Chrysler products, MANY, MANY Mercedes products, and even few Toyotas and Hyundais. But my 2018 Citadel is (in may ways) more like my Mercedes than I expected. People who are car nerds will recall that Chrysler (Dodge's parent company) was owned by Mercedes for about 10 years; and by the time they separated again, most Chrysler products had a LOT of the positive attributes of Mercedes -- from the basic engineering right down to even having the same suppliers in some cases. In fact, The Durango, and Grand Cherokee shared their platform with the Mercedes GLE and GLS models from about 2012 to 2019. So In anodized Platinum trim, the Durango really exemplifies this technology sharing more than most Chrysler products I've had. The optional load-leveling suspension does a great impression of Mercedes Air ride system and is fantastic for long drives and road trips. The steering has different modes, so you can dial in your preferred level of steering feel, and all the self-driving and safety tech is pretty much spot on to what Mercedes was offering in their 2018 Vehicles. The main difference honestly between the Durango and the Mercedes GLS (aside from being decidedly more like a Chrysler than Mercedes in it's personality) is the price. Not only is the Durango about 40% cheaper to buy than it's Mercedes sibling; but the maintenance costs are about half the price as well - and you still get some really great reliability and durability at the same time. You can get the V6 with about 300 horsepower and for most people that's honestly a good compromise between healthy driving power and decent highway MPG's (about 25 highway even on a full size 7 seat SUV with permanent AWD) ...but you can also find them with the HEMI V8; where you'll get about 400hp but require more trips to the gas station in the long run. Drive booth if you need to, then decide. Either way, if you like the look of the Durango, there is no substitute. Dodge calls it the "7-seat Dodge Charger" and in a lot of ways it pretty much is. But what they don't tell you is that it does everything with such a cool, nonchalant confidence that you can't help but fell like you got a Mercedes at the same time too. So in short, my Durango (in Citadel form) is still definitely extroverted bold and on the outside but also supremely comforting and unexpectedly luxurious on the inside. So getting into it, often fells like paying for a premium economy flight and getting bumped to business or even first class when your seat. So yeah... it's like that -- it's different, but in a really nice way.


  • Ride and Handling: One of the smoothest most forgiving suspension setups out there when equipped with the optional load-leveling suspension. Handling is actually even better without it, ...but you can't hide the fact that it's an SUV - although definitely a confident and sporty one.
  • Styling: LOOK at it! It's hard to park without looking back at it, when you walk away - Especially in Grey and Black.
  • Weather Versatility: Dry road, gravel road, wet road, snow... doesn't matter. As long as you keep decent all-weather tires on this thing, it just brushes off WHATEVER road you throw at it. Super reassuring.


  • Power: Sometimes I wish I had about 10% more power... but overall, the great V6 MPG makes up for not choosing the V8.
  • Technology and Entertainment: The safety tech package is really well equipped and a good value, but honestly, most of it is more distracting and it takes you out the mindset of being in charge and being reponsible for WATCHING your mirrors, and WATHCHING traffic when you drive; so I usually just drive without most of it and feel more confident that way (without all the extra beeps and lights and flashing)
  • Weather Versatility: My ONLY complaint it that you HAVE to get the V8 in order to get 4WD-LOW range for increased severe-off-roading ability.

- Joe Evans, 2018 Dodge Durango

Great car at a great price

The SUV has many features that we wouldn’t have gotten in another vehicle for the same price. The ride is smooth and there is plenty of space in this SUV. I had a Mercury Mountaineer previously and did not think I could get a car that could meet its high standards but I did in the Durango. When my husband and I purchase our next vehicle it will be a Dodge Durango.


  • Interior Space: There is a lot of space
  • Styling: The Durango has a sleek style and with the spots package it’s a beautiful vehicle
  • Technology and Entertainment: Love that I have the most up to date technology in this vehicle and the Beats speakers are awesome

- Teresa L, 2018 Dodge Durango

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