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(158 Reviews)

Best car I ever owned.

2007 Subaru Outback harry Damon - bradenton, FL 08/06/2016

reliable, safe, economy, comfortable, tracks straight on all roads(, caries large shapes, carries loads without proplem, can put 8 tt dinhy on foor racks. confortable for 4-5 adults,plus luggage.,

My Dream Car

2008 Subaru Outback Lee Girl - Phoenix, AZ 10/17/2012

My Subaru was a dream come true. I would often watch commercials and advertisements about Outbacks and I always thought, what a good looking car! I thought it would take me a while to afford one but then, at CARMAX, I was able to take one for a test drive and I instantly feel in love with it. The car drives smooth, its a pretty blue shade and spacious. After my purchase I took it on a camping trip and it performed like a champ. It went up hill without a hitch, it took to the dirt roads and rock stubble with no issues; it has great suspension. On the drive home from camping I received a reminder message to adjust my tire air pressure due to the elevation changes; another perk! The interior is comfortable and sporty and I feel like it fits my lifestyle perfectly. I love my Subaru, I trust my Subaru, and I will continue to depend on this line of cars in years to come. Thank you Subaru, for a car that will be in my family for a long, long time!

Outback 3.0

2009 Subaru Outback G - Richmond, VA 05/29/2012

After several weeks of searching on-line for a 6-cylinder Outback, one popped up on CarMax. My on-line inquiry got a quick response from a nearby saleswoman, and she was very helpful thru the whole process. I had to wait a couple weeks to get it transported from Nebraska here to River City, but it was worth the rate. Except for a warning in the owner's manual about using regular gas, everything about this little AWD wagon is fine. It does 'run better' on mid-grade than regular so that's what I've been putting in it. For the past several years I've been driving a Dakota 4WD that got about 10 MPG in town and 18 on the road, so the Outback's 22 in town and 28 on the road impress me the most. I wanted the AWD to get me out of my neighborhood when it snows, but driving it for a thousand miles in rain and shine shows me that the little car is extremely well balanced, and never feels like the back end wants to whip around to the front like an un-loaded pickup or other smaller car. My impression about the 4-cylinder Outbacks is they sound like sewing machines and aren't very peppy. I'm glad I held out for a 3.0 6-cylinder engine, is plenty quick, doesn't make that throaty growl like the Dakota when accelerating up an on-ramp, but I'd rather retire (in a couple of years) with a higher-mileage vehicle and the 3.0 engine is a good compromise for me. There's nothing I don't like about it, and I look forward to putting a couple hundred thousand miles on it.

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