There are numerous alternatives to fossil fuel-burning vehicles. Check out these used hybrid cars and SUVs.

Top 10 Hybrid Cars of 2016 | CarMax
The environmental benefits of hybrid vehicles appeal to two types of car buyers: the driver who is concerned about climate change and pollution, and the wallet-conscious driver who wants to capitalize on the impressive fuel economy that hybrids offer.

If you’re looking for a used hybrid car for sale, we recommend starting your search with these 10 options. 


Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid

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Fuel Economy: 55 City & 53 HWY
Drivetrains: FWD 
Seating: 5
Engine & Transmission: 1.8L Four-Cylinder Hybrid CVT Automatic
Horsepower: 185 HP

The Prius plug-in is the fourth Toyota on this list. That’s a lot of Toyotas! Each offers diverse experiences to different customers, but this plug-in leads the fuel economy list—it gives drivers more than 50 mpg in both city and highway driving. This Prius is different from the other vehicles on this list because it’s the only one that can be plugged in to the wall (a regular, 120-volt outlet) for recharging—unlike the others, it doesn’t depend solely on a gas engine for recharging its batteries. The newest Prius plug-ins feature LED headlights and remotely-operated AC (handy on those really hot days when you have a lot of parking lot to cross with all your groceries). This hatchback model has an extra-roomy interior, and it gives a comfortable ride without extravagantly technological gadgets or over-the-top luxury design. 


Toyota Avalon Hybrid

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Fuel Economy: 40 City & 39 HWY
Drivetrains: FWD
Seating: 5
Engine & Transmission: 2.5L Four-Cylinder Hybrid CVT Automatic
Horsepower: 200 HP

Hybrids are famous for their smooth, quiet rides, and the Avalon delivers overall. Its continuously-variable transmission (CVT), used in other Toyotas to great effect, changes gears quietly and all but eliminates traditional gearboxes’ jumpy shifting feel. Its engine is a bit buzzy on acceleration, but this helps keep some of the Avalon’s original character intact. Regardless, the Avalon has an updated interior that’s upscale and roomy with features that include front and rear seat heat and a large, prominent nav screen. For a full-sized sedan, with seating for five and ample luggage space, the Avalon hybrid delivers an impressive combined mileage of up to 40 mpg. 

Ford Escape Hybrid

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Fuel Economy: 34 City & 31 HWY
Drivetrains: FWD
Seating: 5
Engine & Transmission: 2.5L Four-Cylinder CVT Automatic
Horsepower: 177 HP

The last Ford Escape hybrid came out in 2012, and the vehicle is still known for excellent fuel economy in an SUV package. Like the Highlander, it is very spacious inside and although it’s not as powerful an SUV (performance is traded for a combined fuel economy of 32 mpg), the Escape exceeds most expectations for a vehicle that weighs 3,600 pounds. Chrome detailing inside creates an elegance that’s not expected in a hybrid SUV, and the technologically-equipped cabin surprises further with innovative features like an audible sync system that lets passengers control their cell phones and audio with voice commands.


Toyota Highlander Hybrid

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Fuel Economy: 27 City & 28 HWY
Drivetrains: AWD
Seating: 7
Engine & Transmission: 3.5L V6 Hybrid CVT Automatic
Horsepower: 280 HP

The Highlander is a fairly good-sized SUV, with a strong V6 of nearly 300 hp that moves up to seven passengers in comfort. But wait, it’s a hybrid too? It is indeed, thanks to Toyota, and it exceeds standards of comfort and roomy accommodation, with an all-wheel drive option that delivers additional possibilities for enjoying on- and off-the-road driving. The Toyota Highlander checks lots of boxes on the family vehicle checklist, with upgraded handling and elegant interior and exterior design. Of course, it’s tough for a vehicle of this size to compete with the hyper-economical 40 mpg numbers that compact hybrids deliver; on the other hand, these same compacts can’t compete with the Highlander’s storage capacity and on- and off-road capability. Most hybrids can’t tow up to 1,000 pounds, either, like this Highlander can.

Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

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Fuel Economy: 41 City & 38 HWY
Drivetrains: FWD
Seating: 5
Engine & Transmission: 2.0L Four-Cylinder Hybrid CVT Automatic
Horsepower: 188 HP 

The Lincoln MKZ is all about elegance and style. Look at its sleek shape, its distinctive body touches like the futuristic grille and integrated twin exhaust; the MKZ has Lincoln’s signature looks in spades. Add to this the fact that it’s a hybrid and you’ve got a distinctly unique vehicle—an elegant four-door for the economy-minded driver. Unique features include a power-assisted trunk lid, lots of front and rear legroom, and both front- and rear-seat heat for up to five passengers. Lots of goodies are here in the MKZ, including an impressive 41 combined mpg in city driving.


Kia Optima Hybrid

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Fuel Economy: 35 City & 38 HWY
Drivetrains: FWD
Seating: 5
Engine & Transmission: 2.4L Four-Cylinder Hybrid 6-Speed Automatic
Horsepower: 199 HP

Drivers who spend lots of time behind the wheel would do well to consider the Optima hybrid; its mix of lower sticker price and strong fuel economy make it a strong choice for the budget-conscious commuter. Customers call the Optima’s interior roomy and comfortable, and its acceleration gets high grades. Interesting features include a backup camera, push-button start, panoramic sunroof, and front seats that circulate air to help keep passengers cool. With its oversized alloy wheels and sleek design, the Optima hybrid delivers great looks along with its 35/38 combined mpg.


Ford Fusion Hybrid

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Fuel Economy: 43 City & 41 HWY
Drivetrains: FWD
Seating: 5
Engine & Transmission: 2.0L Four-Cylinder Hybrid CVT Automatic
Horsepower: 188 HP

Ford’s hybrid Fusion has the kind of performance that makes it a very capable competitor in the hybrid market. With a four-cylinder engine that’s capable of 188 hp, the Fusion is powerful—and with the electric motor in play, it’s capable of very impressive fuel economy. This American manufacturer maintains the Fusion’s famous boxy hood and sleek exterior, making it one of the more stylish vehicles in its class. Newer models are fitted with a completely new grille and headlights that add to its upscale look.


Honda Civic Hybrid

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Fuel Economy: 44 City & 47 HWY
Drivetrains: FWD
Seating: 5
Engine & Transmission: 1.5L Four-Cylinder Hybrid CVT Automatic
Horsepower: 110 HP

The Honda Civic comes in many variants and offers lots of features, making it a versatile and customizable option for people who want to drive a car that caters to their individual tastes. The Civic hybrid does not offer the space and expansive storage capacity of some other hybrids; however, it delivers up to 47 combined mpg with mixed gas and electric driving—awfully miserly for a non-plug-in vehicle. The fuel economy makes the Civic hybrid a strong choice for environmentalists and thrifty money savers alike. It trades its limited interior space for an elegant, coupe-like exterior design that gives a luxurious feel. 


Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

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Fuel Economy: 39 City & 45 HWY
Drivetrains: FWD
Seating: 5
Engine & Transmission: 2.0L Four-Cylinder Hybrid & 6-Speed Automatic
Horsepower: 193 HP

Hyundai continues to challenge competitors with its hybrid Sonata, which offers drivers an impressive estimated combined 43 mpg. Unlike the all-gas compact sedan, the Sonata’s interior is spacious; it’s also kitted out with comfortable leather seats and new technological features like an updated audio system that keeps passengers entertained with high-quality tunes for the road and a crisp, seven-inch touchscreen monitor that now comes standard in the vehicle.


Toyota Camry Hybrid

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Fuel Economy: 43 City & 39 HWY
Drivetrains: 2WD
Seating: 5
Engine & Transmission: 2.5L Four-Cylinder & 6-speed ECT-i
Horsepower: 200 HP

Hybrid vehicles’ impressive fuel economy doesn’t pack the same “wow factor” punch that it had several years ago, but occasionally a vehicle exceeds consumers’ expectations. One such car is the Toyota Camry hybrid, a nearly silent, 43/39 combined mpg vehicle with 200 horsepower. The Camry’s ample storage capacity and smooth driving characteristics set it apart from previous models. The Toyota excels in the style department, too; the Camry’s sleek design and polished features create a luxury feel that is only just being introduced in cars of its class.