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Reviews for 2019 Ford

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4.4 out of 5 (128 reviews)

Quite nice for the price

Storage and passenger capacity quite obviously limited by design, nearly fully loaded optioned vehicle with lots of comfort and convenience features. All concerns were corrected promptly at the dealerships cost with a loaner vehicle provided which was a huge help. Every feature functions as designed and performance for price is hard to beat. Cold weather climate areas make the heated steering wheel and seats a delight, I'll be using the cooled seats more often soon. Vehicle uses 93octane only and plenty of it but the smiles per mile are plentiful


  • Power: Almost twice the power of my last vehicle so for the same amount of acceleration is feels effortless.
  • Seat Comfort: premium trim leather seats have many adjustment points and are very comfy
  • Braking: Excellent braking.


  • Fuel Economy: Current fuel cost per gallon is quite high and spirited driving will empty the tank surprisingly fast, but this vehicle was not bought to sip fuel.
  • Cargo Space: Kind of a given with a fastback design; rear seats are not for adults which is fine with me.
  • Cabin Noise: For a ladder frame vehicle, it is not terribly heavy. Where the manufacturer cut weight/cost was interior trim can have intermittent rattles or buzzing and there is no sound deadening material to mask road/engine/or (manual) transmission noise. The engine sounds great, and some choose to hide the other sounds by purchasing louder exhaust or painstakingly correcting trim rattles and adding sound deadening materials

- Edward Hatfield, 2019 Ford Mustang

Really love my car.

For people who are shorter in stature, it's easier to reach everything. If you have any problems with getting in & out of a vehicle you won't with this one. The room inside is exactly what I needed. I love the hatch because there's plenty of room to place things and the cover comes down to hide it when you close the hatch. It handles well and is comfortable. Gas mileage is great. I am surprised that it doesn't have a release inside for the hatch. That's pretty much my only disappointment.


  • Fuel Economy:
  • Interior Space:
  • Ride and Handling:

- Sheryl Jandle, 2019 Ford Fiesta

Surprised By the Technology

Above all, the gas mileage is great. My wife and I did a 30 day road trip putting on 7350 miles and average 41.5 mpg. The sound system is phenomenal and the extras on the car make it fun and safe to drive. My favorite is the cruise control and how the car slows down if the vehicle in front is going slower. It will slow down to that speed while you have the option of staying 1, 2, 3, or 4 car lengths behind. The automatic wipers that come on when it starts to rain is a plus as well. The trunk space is smaller due to the batteries needed for the hybrid. In my small town, getting around, the car will barely use any gas at all. After driving a hybrid, from now on, all my vehicles will be hybrid.


  • Fuel Economy:
  • Dashboard:
  • Seat Comfort:


  • Cargo Space:
  • Power:

- Bill Sitarz, 2019 Ford Fusion Hybrid

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