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Best 4 Door Sports Cars | CarMax

Sports cars can be for more than two people, without being any less fun. With up to five seats, you can take your crew out for a fun drive or afternoon cruise in a four-door sports car. Add some excitement back to your daily trip without sacrificing some functionality.

We've updated our list of the best four-door sports cars and ranked them based on CarMax sales data from September 1, 2019 through February 29, 2020. Pile in and take a look at what these exciting four-door sports cars have to offer.

  1. Mini Cooper Countryman
    Best Four-Door Sports Cars: Mini Cooper Countryman | CarMax
  2. Subaru WRX
    Best Four-Door Sports Cars: Subaru WRX | CarMax
  3. Volkswagen GTI
    Best Four-Door Sports Cars: Volkswagen GTI | CarMax
  4. BMW M3
    Best Four-Door Sports Cars: BMW M3 | CarMax
  5. Chevrolet SS
    Best Four-Door Sports Cars: Chevrolet SS | CarMax
  6. BMW M5
    Best Four-Door Sports Cars: BMW M5 | CarMax

While all of these cars have four doors, they offer a variety of different driving styles to fit your needs. Both the Mini Cooper Countryman and Volkswagen Golf GTI offer city-friendly size and handling. But don't let their compact size fool you—both still pack a punch. The 2018 Golf GTI has a 220-horsepower engine and available six-speed double-clutch automatic transmission.

If all-wheel drive performance is what you're after, check out the rally-inspired 2019 Subaru WRX. Equipped standard with symmetrical AWD, this sports car is designed to provide plenty of traction, no matter what road surface you're on. You can also find the BMW M3 (2018 and later) and BMW M5 (2018 and later) with available AWD. These BMW models offer plenty of modern technology, with available adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistance, and a head-up display.

Whatever you choose, a four-door sports car is bound to suit your lifestyle, while offering daily driving excitement, too. If you're looking for more ideas in your search for a sporty car, check out these articles:

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