These large sedans have something to offer everyone.

10 Best Large Cars | CarMax

Full size cars are a popular option among singles, couples, and growing families alike—and for good reason. Full size cars offer much more in the way of passenger and cargo space than many compact cars or even mid-size sedans. Full size sedans are a happy medium between a traditional sedan and an SUV, making them a great choice for those in the market for a new vehicle. Full size sedans also run the gamut from basic, bare-bones cars to luxurious, feature-rich vehicles.

Check out our list of the best full size sedans of 2018, based on CarMax vehicle and sales data from January 1, 2018 through June 30, 2018:

  1. Hyundai Sonata
    10 Best Large Cars: Hyundai Sonata | CarMax
  2. Chrysler 300
    10 Best Large Cars: Chrysler 300 | CarMax
  3. Dodge Charger
    10 Best Large Cars: Dodge Charger | CarMax
  4. Nissan Maxima
    10 Best Large Cars: Nissan Maxima | CarMax
  5. Chevrolet Impala
    10 Best Large Cars: Chevrolet Impala | CarMax
  6. Buick Lacrosse
    10 Best Large Cars: Buick Lacrosse | CarMax
  7. Toyota Avalon
    10 Best Large Cars: Toyota Avalon | CarMax
  8. Ford Taurus
    10 Best Large Cars: Ford Taurus | CarMax
  9. Kia Cadenza
    10 Best Large Cars: Kia Cadenza | CarMax
  10. Hyundai Azera
    10 Best Large Cars: Hyundai Azera | CarMax

Whether you're looking for something sleek and sporty or practical and comfortable, there is no shortage of large sedan options available to you. Some large sedans, such as the Dodge Charger, are loaded with sporty features and a powerful engine for a little more thrust behind the wheel. On the other hand, sedans like the Nissan Maxima are designed with comfort and practicality in mind.

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