2019 Hyundai Reviews

4.6 out of 5 (107 reviews)

I am very pleased with my purchase

I love the size of the Kona. Much easier than my previous car to enter and exit the vehicle. The seat is a perfect height. Roomy inside, especially for one or two passengers. Hatchback is convenient ...

I Love My CAR!!!

Rides well, good gas mileage, good design inside, great design outside, and just altogether adorable!


  • Fuel Economy: I get great gas mileage. On the highway as much as 42mpg! This is great because right now I am back and forth a lot.
  • Seat Comfort: Most of the time I am not in the car much, but at least once every 6 weeks I have to make a 7-hour drive, and it is then that I am so glad to be in my Kona! It is so much more comfortable than my last car.
  • Dashboard: I love that I can change the information I look at on the dash. I like the digital read out of my speed, but sometimes I want the mpg I am getting. So, it is nice to have that available to me, as well as other info as well.


  • Cargo Space: I would have liked more in the back. If they had just extended it 12 inches that would have been perfect.

Fun for a low price

The car has a sleek but aggressive look to it. The sport mode packs a punch while also letting you get 30mpg. Room inside is substantial especially when putting the back seats down.


  • FuelEconomy: I can get 30MPG while ripping around in sport mode.
  • Dashboard: The iron man edition has a custom gauge cluster which I think is very sleek. The HUD is a wonderful feature and adds to the driving experience.
  • RideHandling: Very smooth ride and it zips through city streets while also staying stable at high speeds when doing road trips.


  • CabinNoise: Unfortunately the cabin noise is a bit loud. This means I have to crank the radio when driving on the highway otherwise the drone of the road overpowers it.
  • InteriorSpace: it's a great car for people under 6 feet tall. The driver and passenger get ample room but due to the stadium seating in the back it gets a little squishy.
  • Styling: The Iron Man edition comes in a matte gunmetal color which looks incredible. Except for when everyone and their mom slams they door into you while getting in and out of the car. Scratches are very visible.

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