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Used 2013 Volkswagen for Sale

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Reviews for 2013 Volkswagen

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4.6 out of 5 (200 reviews)

Good car, wonderful MPG!

Ok, let me first say that this is coming from someone that had a 06 Passat VR6, I loved that car, especially the power that the engine had, my major complaint with my car was that the premium fuel was expensive and repairs were killing me. The new Passat is a world of difference, quiet ride, better seats, better handling, better radio, and I am still finding nice little touches that make me absolutely love the car. There are things that I have found on cars much more expensive and what I find makes me glad I brought the car. The radio programming needs some help, there is no excuse for it to be as slow as it is but it is not slow enough for me to want to get rid of the car. I love it!!!!


  • Fuel Economy: 50+MPG flat out on the interstate? Need I say more?
  • Ride and Handling: Smooth, pretty comfortable and responsive ride.
  • Seat Comfort: Pretty comfy, easy to make a long road trip in.


  • Cost to Maintain: If you do some research you will find that the DSG transmission needs service every 40K, and at 120K the particulate filter needs to be replaced to a tune of well over 1K
  • Technology and Entertainment: Radio programming needs some serious attention. Sometimes there is a several second delay, you can hit a button and it takes a few seconds for the system to respond. For example you can put the car in reverse and then drive off and the radio screen is still showing the rear view camera.

- Mike P, 2013 Volkswagen Passat

ok if you want a VW Buick

VW "dieselgate", sluggish at the helm, leans in curves, no sound insulation in roof, which makes downpours sound like hail on a tin roof, sound system adequate bot not good, diesel engine not as quiet as gas engine at idle, suspension can be a little floaty over some dips in the road. Crummy Hankook stock tires make a lot of noise on coarse pavement. radio take several seconds to change channels so if you're cycling through stations you have spend a lot of time waiting.


  • Safety: great crash test ratings, radio controls on steering wheel, great mileage, turbo makes driving (in a straight line) more fun, heated seats really nice on a cold morning
  • Fuel Economy: 36 mpg around time, 45-50mpg on the highway. note that diesel fuel is more expensive than gasoline
  • Interior Space: huge inside, lots of leg and head room even in back


  • Ride and Handling: the car handles adequately for a large car, but it feels heavy and is slow to respond to steering input. I've had to swerve on the interstate to avoid getting hit by an unattentive careless driver from anoter lane and the quick maneuvers exposed the ponderous response and heavy body lean.
  • Styling: conservative, boring exterior. I like the simple Germanic interior.
  • Value: expensive for what you get and depreciates rapidly over the years

- anonymous anonymous, 2013 Volkswagen Passat

I cannot believe how much i love this car

This car makes me so happy. It has all the tech features of the new hybrids - a great stereo (Fender), panel display etc. It has serious power - I haven't even tried to put my foot down for a prolonged period of time because it goes zero-fast in no time at all. It has fun features we keep finding - like it lights up the side of the road when you put your signal on. The heated seats come on lightning fast on those cold mornings. The defroster for front and back windows takes just seconds, as does the air-conditioning. And of course the gas mileage is ridiculously good - about 39 mpg for me so far.


  • Fuel Economy: 39 mpg - i never go to the gas station
  • Power: There is never a doubt that you can pass on the uphill
  • Technology and Entertainment: Fender radio, fun panel features to play with


  • Cabin Noise: The premium SEL wheels make highway driving a bit loud
  • Cargo Space: The battery does make you sacrifice trunk space a bit

- Beth Davidson, 2013 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid

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