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Convertibles and roadsters

Convertibles capture the spirit of driving freedom, with folding or removable tops that open the car to sunshine and wind. Most convertibles are based on either sports cars or luxury coupes, and come with power-folding roofs (some require manual operation) that stow behind the seats.

In some cases, this cuts into a car’s trunk space. A few SUVs offer folding roofs, and some off-road focused SUVs like the Jeep Wrangler and Ford Bronco have removable roofs and can seat up to five.

Types hero Ford Mustang and Buick Cascada

FAQs about convertibles

Choosing the best convertible depends on your needs. Convertibles serve a range of lifestyles, from focus-built sports cars to plush luxury cruisers. Some models can seat four to five people, while others are limited to just two. And if you need to head off road, there are even convertible SUVs. Check out our comparison of some of the best used convertibles for more help making the right pick for you.

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