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Vans and minivans

Today’s minivans are utility kings, with more cargo and passenger space than full-size SUVs, but with a more car-like driving feel. They're not a penalty box either, with features and options that wouldn’t be out of place on a luxury brand.

Minivan too small? Full size vans come in different heights and lengths, with some offering a dozen or more seats and roofs tall enough for a six-footer to stand upright.

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FAQs about vans and minivans

The biggest differences between vans and minivans is are that vans tend to be more utilitarian and larger in size.

Vans typically have either an open-back cargo area behind the front seats, or multiple rows of seats, and are primarily used for transporting cargo or passengers.

Minivans are more family-focused, with most all having three rows of seats, and better size for everyday use.

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