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2019 BMW X5 Review | CarMax

Four generations in, the BMW X5 received a refresh for the 2019 model year and stands as one of the more desirable luxury SUVs on the market. Often referred to as a "sport activity vehicle," the 2019 BMW X5 has an athletic build and is packed with a ton of comforts and technology features. True to its heritage, this BMW SUV handles like a sports car and sounds like one too, with one of two exciting 2019 engine options: the 335-horsepower turbocharged six-cylinder engine in the sDrive40i and xDrive40i or the 456-horsepower twin-turbo eight-cylinder engine in the xDrive50i. In this 2019 BMW X5 review, we'll cover:

Key Specs & Features

  • Standard all-wheel drive on 2019 xDrive models
  • Standard twin-turbo inline six-cylinder engine producing 335 horsepower
  • Available twin-turbo eight-cylinder engine producing 456 horsepower
  • Standard driver aids for 2019, including blind-spot detection, lane departure warning, parking distance control, active driving assistance, and collision warning
  • Heated front seats are standard on 2019 models
  • Apple CarPlay® compatible
  • Available third-row seating (sDrive40i and xDrive40i)


5 Reasons to Buy

1. Luxury is Standard

2019 BMW X5 Review: Front Seats | CarMax

If you're looking for a used car, you might want to consider stepping up from the base model to get more features. That said, the base model sDrive40i is anything but basic. The list of standard features on the 2019 X5 is long, including items such as Apple CarPlay, heated seats, a panoramic moonroof, Comfort Access™ keyless entry, and a variety of driver aids. All X5 models are also available with a number of packages that add additional features to the vehicle, designated as Convenience, Premium, and Executive. Each pre-packaged option adds some of BMW's most popular features; 2019 X5 models that are equipped with the convenience package, as an example, come with wireless device charging, four-zone climate control, and satellite radio, among other things.

2. Hands-Free Driving

2019 BMW X5 Review: Tech Dash | CarMax

Distracted driving is never good, and automobile manufacturers have been adding features for years to help minimize driver distractions. While most late-model cars come standard with a Bluetooth® interface to allow hands-free phone calls, the 2019 BMW X5 takes things a step further. Available as an option on all 2019 X5 models is a Gesture Control™ feature. When equipped with this feature, the BMW X5 can recognize five distinct hand gestures from a dash-mounted detection field, allowing the driver to change radio stations, adjust volume, accept or reject phone calls, and access a 360-degree view around the SUV, all with a flick of the wrist.

3. Climate Control

Road trips or commutes to the office with multiple occupants can be tricky when it comes to climate control. You might want it cool while your passenger likes it hot and it's never fun fighting over the temperature control. Luckily, the 2019 BMW X5 is a cool companion when it comes to keeping its occupants comfortable. Dual-zone climate control is standard, allowing the two front passengers to adjust the temperature to their liking. Four-zone climate control is also an option across the board, extending that temperature customization to four separate passengers.

4. Easy Exit, Easy Access

2019 BMW X5 Review: Backseats | CarMax

The 2019 BMW X5 has its bases covered when it comes to hands-free driving, and that convenience is extended to getting in and out of the X5 as well. Standard across all models of the 2019 BMW X5 is a power liftgate, which makes loading up the rear cargo area with luggage, groceries, or golf clubs a breeze, even when you have your hands full. Also available on the 2019 X5 as an option are soft-close automatic doors—when equipped with this feature, the X5 closes a partially closed door the rest of the way with the aid of a small electric motor.

2019 BMW X5 Review: Trunk Cargo | CarMax

5. Weather Ready

All-wheel drive comes standard on all BMW X5s for 2019 when in xDrive trims. 2019 X5s are standard with hill descent control and dynamic traction control, allowing the X5 to navigate through inclement weather with ease. An off-road package is also available which adds air suspension and multiple driving modes that can be selected based upon desired ride height and terrain. Heated seats are standard and if your inner Goldilocks needs your beverage temperature to be just right, heated and cooled cupholders are available as an option as well. 2019 BMW X5s that are equipped with the off-road package also come standard with front and rear differential locks for maximum off-road traction.

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What You Need to Know

Available Trims

The 2019 BMW X5 is available in three trim configurations which include the sDrive40i, xDrive40i, and xDrive50i. Each model comes standard with the same features with the exception of all-wheel drive, which is not available on the sDrive40i and the 4.4L twin-turbo eight-cylinder engine that is only available on the xDrive50i.

  • BMW X5 xDrive40i - The base trim of the 2019 BMW X5, the BMW X5 xDrive40i trim configuration comes standard with a 335 hp 3.0L turbocharged V6 engine, a 12.3-inch touchscreen display, synthetic leather seats, a rearview camera, front and rear parking sensors, and more.
  • BMW X5 xDrive50i - The BMW X5 xDrive50i trim of the 2019 BMW X5 includes everything found on the BMW X5 xDrive40i trim as well as a 456 hp 4.4L turbocharged V8 engine, leather seats, a 16-speaker Harman Kardon® premium audio system, quad-zone automatic climate control, and more.

Three pre-packaged options are available on all models which include:

  • Convenience
    • Wireless device charging and WiFi hotspot1
    • Satellite radio
    • Four-zone climate control
    • Enhanced USB and Bluetooth
  • Premium (Includes Convenience package features)
    • Remote engine start
    • Gesture control
    • Heads-up display
  • Executive (Includes Convenience and Premium Features)
    • Surround-view with 360-degree view
    • Active park distance control
    • Adaptive LED headlights
    • Soft-close automatic doors
    • Heated and cooled cupholders

Available Colors

  • Alpine White
  • Ametrin Metallic
  • Arctic Grey Metallic
  • Black Sapphire Metallic
  • Carbon Black Metallic
  • Dark Graphite Metallic
  • Jet Black
  • Manhattan Green Metallic
  • Phytonic Blue Metallic
  • Tanzanite Blue II Metallic

Vehicle Dimensions

The 2019 BMW X5 measures 194″L x 79″W x 69″H.

Interior Description

The 2019 BMW X5 features a stunning interior design complete with premium materials and a wide range of interior colors from which to choose. The 2019 BMW X5 comes standard with synthetic leather seats and offers leather seats as an available option, both of which come in a variety of colors and patterns. In terms of interior space, meanwhile, the 2019 BMW X5 offers 33.9 cubic feet of cargo space behind the rear seats and 72.3 cubic feet with the rear seats folded down.

Child Seat Details

The 2019 BMW X5 is capable of fitting two car seats in its back row and can easily accommodate all types of car seats, including latch car seats, rear-facing convertible car seats, forward-facing convertible car seats, infant car seats, and booster car seats. Thanks to its roomy and comfortable cabin as well as the ease in which it accommodates various types of car seats, 2019 BMW X5 is a fine choice to consider if you are looking for a great family vehicle.

Year Comparisons

2014-2018 BMW X5 (Third Generation)

The third-generation BMW X5 debuted with the release of the 2014 model and featured new engine options that included two new diesel V6 engines and a V8 gasoline engine as well as a wide range of interior and exterior styling updates and new standard and available features.

2019-Present BMW X5 (Fourth Generation)

The 2019 BMW X5 marked the beginning of the model's fourth and current generation and was updated to include a more powerful base V6 engine, revamped interior styling, a larger touchscreen display, and new standard technology features such as adaptive cruise control and Apple CarPlay®.

Lease vs Buy

There are several key pros and cons to consider when it comes to choosing between leasing or buying a car. While CarMax doesn’t lease vehicles, you may be interested in thinking about the pros and cons of leasing versus buying. Leasing a car often means that you may have lower monthly payments and little to no down payment, and it also means that you may be subject to fees such as excessive mileage fees or wear and tear fees. When you lease a car it also means that you will not have full ownership of your vehicle. Buying a car outright, on the other hand, can mean higher monthly payments but full ownership.

New vs Used

Whether you should purchase a car used or new ultimately comes down to your budget and preferences. Model for model, a new car tends to be more expensive than the same model used, but it does offer advantages such as no wear and tear. If you purchase a used car from a trusted and reputable dealership, though, you know the vehicle has been carefully chosen and received a multi-point review.

Monthly Payment

As you shop, determine a monthly budget that works for you with our Car Payment Calculator tool. With just a few clicks you can estimate your monthly payment and find your ideal vehicle budget.

Manufacturer Warranty

When new, the 2019 BMW X5 included 4-year/50,000-mile (whichever occurs first) basic coverage and a 4-year/50,000-mile (whichever occurs first) powertrain coverage. Terms, conditions and exclusions apply. See Warranty Information Booklet for complete details. The balance of this warranty may apply on some vehicles. See store for details.

Reliability Research

RepairPal gave the BMW X5 an overall reliability rating of 2 out of 5 stars, which RepairPal describes as Above Average.

  • Cost RepairPal reports that the average total annual cost for repairs and maintenance on a BMW X5 is $1166, compared to an average of $1057 for luxury fullsize SUVs and $719 for all the vehicles RepairPal considered in its dataset.
  • Frequency According to RepairPal, BMW X5 owners bring their vehicles into a repair shop for unscheduled repairs an average of 0.8 times per year, compared to an average of 0.8 times for luxury fullsize SUVs and 0.5 times for all the vehicle models RepairPal considered in its dataset.
  • Severity RepairPal reported that the probability of a repair being a severe or major issue is 17% for the BMW X5, compared to an average of 18% for luxury fullsize SUVs and 13% for all the vehicles RepairPal considered in its dataset.

RepairPal Reliability Ratings are based on the actual cost, frequency, and severity of unscheduled repairs and maintenance on make/model data for select 2010-2019 vehicles. The reliability of a specific vehicle may vary depending on its maintenance and driving history, model year, trim, and features.

*RepairPal Reliability Ratings are provided by RepairPal and CarMax is not responsible for their accuracy. These ratings are based on RepairPal Reliability data as of 12/31/2018. Learn more.

Safety Ratings

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration's independent crash tests help you make informed decisions about vehicle safety. NHTSA's 5-Star Safety Ratings give consumers insights into how vehicles perform in crash tests, with more stars equaling higher safety ratings. Here are the ratings for the 2019 BMW X5. Certain vehicles may have unrepaired safety recalls. Visit nhtsa.gov/recalls to look up a specific vehicle<.

NHTSA Overall Rating 4/5

Frontal Barrier Crash Rating Test: A head-on collision between two similar vehicles traveling at 35 mph.

Overall: 4/5

Side Barrier Crash Rating Test: A vehicle standing in an intersection sustains driver side impact from a vehicle moving at 38.5 mph.

Overall: 5/5

Side Pole Crash Rating Test: A vehicle slides sideways at 20 mph and impacts a tree or telephone pole.

Overall: 5/5

2019 BMW X5 FAQ

Q: What engine is in the 2019 BMW X5?

A: The 2019 BMW X5 can be equipped with either a 335 hp 3.0L turbocharged V6 engine or a 456 hp 4.4L turbocharged V8 engine.

Q: What is the fuel economy of the 2019 BMW X5?

A: The 2019 BMW X5 gets an EPA estimated 22 MPG combined city/highway when equipped with a 3.0L turbocharged V6 engine and an automatic transmission.2

Q: What class of vehicle is the 2019 BMW X5?

A:The 2019 BMW X5 is a two-row luxury midsize SUV that is capable of seating up to five passengers.

Available Accessories

Many vehicles purchased from CarMax can be upgraded with additional features and accessories (though there are some exceptions depending on the vehicle and the state of purchase). Contact a sales consultant for information, pricing and availability.

Examples of optional accessories include:

  • Custom leather upgrade to existing cloth seats with factory-quality leather from Katzkin
  • Bluetooth® capability
  • Remote start system
  • In-dash navigation/multimedia system, satellite radio, or mobile video system
  • Obstacle avoidance system
  • LoJack Theft Recovery system


The 2019 BMW X5 has a maximum towing capacity of 7,200 pounds when properly equipped3 and can accelerate from 0-60 MPH in 4.3 seconds when outfitted with a 4.4L turbocharged V8 engine.

Emissions Info

According to EPA estimates, the 2019 BMW X5’s tailpipe greenhouse gas emissions are 394 grams per mile, for the xDrive40i model with a 3.0 L, 6 cyl, Automatic (S8), Turbo, and premium gasoline. This estimate is based on a brand-new model. Visit fueleconomy.gov for more details.

Similar Vehicles


The BMW X3 is a great choice if you're looking for a luxury SUV that has plenty of versatility in a more medium-sized wrapper. The BMW X3 was redesigned both in 2015 and more recently in 2018. The latter update featured interior upgrades, such as a 10.25-inch touch screen that can be equipped with the same Gesture Control technology available on the X5. 2018 also introduced a high-performance M variant of the X3, designated as the BMW X3 M40i, which upgrades the engine from a turbocharged four-cylinder to a 3.0L twin-turbo inline six-cylinder engine that is rated at 355 horsepower. Staying true to BMW nomenclature, the X3 can be had with rear-wheel drive in sDrive configuration or all-wheel drive when in xDrive configuration. The M40i (all model years) is standard with all-wheel drive.


BMW's X4 lies between the BMW X3 and BMW X5 in size and price point and takes a different approach to the SUV look. Instead of a traditional liftgate, the X4 almost looks more like a car than an SUV, with its trunk-like rear cargo area, but has the ground clearance that you'd expect from a crossover SUV. The X4 lives life with a flair of sportiness thanks to its coupe-like design and standard all-wheel drive. 2016–2018 X4s are available with either a 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder engine in the xDrive28i trim or the 3.0L twin-turbo inline six-cylinder engine in the xDrive35i trim. For 2019, the xDrive28i is replaced by the xDrive30i and the xDrive35i is known as the X4 M40i.


The BMW X6 is another unique SUV that takes a more coupe-like approach to its styling and driving habits. While it is an SUV, the sloping rear roof-line and trunk-like rear cargo area create a very sports-car-like aesthetic. The X6 is a good choice for those that like the look of the X4 but would prefer a bit more size and appreciate the twin-turbo 3.0L inline six-cylinder engine as a standard option. From its inception in 2008, the BMW X6 is also available with a twin-turbo eight-cylinder engine for those that really have the need for speed. Also standard across the board on the X6 is the BMW xDrive all-wheel-drive system, giving the driver an extra boost of confidence with all that power, regardless of the weather conditions.

Lexus RX 350

The 2019 Lexus RX 350 is a luxury midsize SUV that comes available as both a two-row and three-row model and is outfitted with either a 295 hp 3.5L V6 engine or a 290 hp 3.5L V6 engine depending on the model that you choose. These engines are paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission and your choice of either a FWD or AWD drivetrain. Standard features for the 2019 RX 350 include premium features such as dual-zone automatic climate control, a nine-speaker premium audio system, an eight-inch display, and adaptive cruise control.

Infiniti QX60

The 2019 Infiniti QX60 is a three-row luxury midsize SUV that comes equipped with a 295 hp 3.5L V6 engine, a FWD or AWD drivetrain, a CVT transmission, and exciting standard features such as a moonroof, a rearview camera, tri-zone automatic climate control, and heated front seats.

Cadillac XT5

The 2019 Cadillac XT5 is a two-row luxury midsize SUV that comes equipped with a 310 hp 3.6L V6 engine, an eight-speed automatic transmission, and your choice of either a FWD or AWD drivetrain. Standard features for the 2019 XT5 include premium features such as an eight-inch touchscreen display, rear parking sensors, dual-zone automatic climate control, and a power liftgate.

The Bottom Line

If you're looking for a luxurious SUV that's designed to tackle tough terrain, or a curvy mountain road, look no further than the BMW X5. Loaded with standard features and with plenty of power under the hood, regardless of trim level, the 2019 BMW X5 is a capable SUV that will meet your needs and then some.

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1Activation with subscription required.
2Fuel economy figures are based on EPA estimates when vehicles sold as new. Fuel economy may vary for reasons like driving conditions and vehicle history. Unless specified, figures are for vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission. See fueleconomy.gov for details.
3Various factors may impact towing capacity, including weight of passengers, cargo, and options/accessories.< br /> Unless otherwise noted, information related to these featured vehicles comes from third-party sources, including manufacturer information. Product and company names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of third-party entities. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by these entities.