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Features You Auto Know: Blind Spot Monitoring | CarMax

The short and sweet of it:

Blind spot monitoring systems are designed to detect and alert you when there’s another vehicle alongside yours.

Why does it matter to me?

Blind spots are the sneaky places you can’t see around your vehicle with your mirrors. There are plenty of distractions on the road today. From towering, animated billboards, to your kids singing their favorite tunes in the backseat, blind spot monitoring systems can help you feel more confident amidst the hustle and bustle of your daily drives.

If you’ve ever driven a car with blind spot monitoring, and then tried driving a car that didn’t have that feature, you probably missed it. In fact, you’re probably wanting blind spot monitoring on your next vehicle.

Features You Auto Know: Blind Spot Monitor | CarMax

You’re not alone. Since the technology was first introduced by Volvo in 2007, nearly every manufacturer has adopted blind spot monitoring systems. The technology combines sensors with a visual alert (typically triggering a light on the side mirror), and sometimes an audible and/or vibrating alert. Today, advanced systems can even provide additional warnings when you use your turn signal if it detects a car in the lane next to you.

Blind spot monitoring is especially handy in larger vehicles like SUVs or minivans, or for anyone who does a lot of highway travel.

Of course, nothing beats checking your blind spot the old-fashioned way (that’s turning your head and visually checking over your shoulder—if it’s been a while since Driver’s Ed class), but a blinking warning light when you signal to change lanes on the highway can keep you more attentive. Blind spot monitoring technology is a great driver assist feature that is becoming more available every year.

Picture yourself in this scenario:

Features You Auto Know: Blind Spot Monitoring | CarMax

It’s Monday morning and you’re driving along the highway on your way to work. It’s time for you to change lanes to get over for the next highway exit. You put on your turn signal and look at your side mirror, which lights up with a warning icon. You turn your head to check, and sure enough, your friend the blind spot monitor was right—there’s a fellow driver currently cruising in your blind spot. Now that’s why blind spot monitoring is a great feature to have in your next vehicle.

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