2014 Chevrolet Volt Reviews

4.5 out of 5 (13 reviews)

Best car I've ever owned

I also own a Toyota Prius and while it's a great car, the Volt has been just as reliable thus far, much cheaper to drive (almost no gas), and a LOT more fun to drive.


  • Ride and Handling: It drives like a sports sedan, especially in Sport mode.
  • Fuel Economy: If you have a short daily commute, you won't use much gas. I live 6 miles from work and I have to run the gas engine approximately once every two weeks.
  • Value: These make a great used car because their price drops like a rock. I think it's because people are afraid of used electric cars. Mine was over $50K originally and I paid $15K at Carmax 3 years later. It has every option like leather, premium navigation, remote starting via the OnStar app, etc.


  • Interior Space: Has room for 4 people, not 5, and the back seat is cramped.
  • Visibility: It's low to the ground which is good for handling but not as good for visibility. Also the C pillar is large.

Great choice for commuting

The Gen I Volts represent a great deal so I bought this instead of the newer model. Really like the ability to drive without gasoline, I find this saves me $100/mo even with my limited use (800mi/mo)....

Gen-1 Chevy Volt an excellent deal; Great car!

I would recommend this car to anyone, especially those who have a strong interest in alternative/sustainable energy technologies.


  • Fuel Economy: You can choose routes and power (gas or electric) to increase efficiency
  • Ride and Handling: Smooth comfortable quiet ride, especially on long-distance road trips.
  • Reliability: Built like a tank, and as heavy as one.


  • Braking: You have to anticipate stops sooner.
  • Cost to Maintain: Battery maintenance probably expensive.
  • Dashboard: Can be distracting when driving

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