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Used Chevrolet Volt for Sale

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2012 Chevrolet

$11,899* 78K miles
CarMax Gaithersburg
Free Transfer to your store - MD to VA
Free Transfer to your store - MD to VA
Key Features
Location: CarMax Gaithersburg in Gaithersburg, Maryland 20877
Description: Used 2012 Chevrolet Volt for sale - $11,899, 78,223 miles with Leather Seats, Parking Sensors, Rear View Camera, Front Seat Heaters, Cruise Control, Auxiliary Audio Input
Transmission: Automatic Color:White Interior Color: Black Average Vehicle Review: (4.819 reviews) I bought the red car which was not my first choice, but what they had with the amenities and accessories that I wanted. So my husband talked me into it. I love it, the red is a beautiful color the interior is goldish tan and black inside and looks very classy. It's easy to clean also. It's the easiest car to drive I pull it in my garage and plug it in overnight and it's fully charged every morning. I get a full commute 22 miles each way on one full charge. It saves me 75 to 80% of the money I was spending on gasoline.

2013 Chevrolet

$11,998* 84K miles
CarMax West Broad
Free Transfer to your store - VA to VA
Free Transfer to your store - VA to VA
Key Features
Location: CarMax West Broad in Richmond, Virginia 23060
Description: Used 2013 Chevrolet Volt for sale - $11,998, 84,450 miles with Leather Seats, BOSE Sound System, Parking Sensors, Rear View Camera, Navigation System, Front Seat Heaters
Transmission: Automatic Color:White Interior Color: Black Average Vehicle Review: (4.75 reviews) This extremely economical Volt is also fun to drive. I have competed and even won in auto-cross and road-rally events. It's so versatile and has averaged over 165 mpg during my ownership over the last year and 15,000 miles. I find myself always answering questions about the car to the amazement of others that had no idea of this cars capabilities. I regularly exceed 1,000 miles between fill ups and usually go for months between gas stops. There are many free charging stations all around making it even more appealing!

2012 Chevrolet

$12,998* 61K miles
CarMax Greenville NC
$149 Transfer to your store - NC to VA
$149 Transfer to your store - NC to VA
Key Features
Location: CarMax Greenville NC in Greenville, North Carolina 28590
Description: Used 2012 Chevrolet Volt for sale - $12,998, 61,699 miles with BOSE Sound System, Parking Sensors, Rear View Camera, Navigation System, Front Seat Heaters, Cruise Control
Transmission: Automatic Color:Gray Interior Color: Black Average Vehicle Review: (4.819 reviews) Loved the "idea' of this car, but was skeptical.We decided to take the dive. Bought it in April of '15 with 50k miles on it. Wanted to put it to the test right away. We drove round trip CT to TX. Impressed! Averaged about 35 MPG on gas the whole trip. Surprisingly comfortable trip for 2 adults & 2 kids. At first, it felt a little weird to be the only Volt on the road. Then, we began to feel pretty cool about it! We have Solar Panels at home, so it's like "charging for free". There is a wealth of info available online about the car. Don't be fooled by naysayers. This is a great car IF it fits your lifestyle. I live 12 miles from work, which leaves me plenty of charge to get around on without mid day charging.

About The Chevrolet Volt


Is the Chevy Volt being discontinued?

In February of 2019, Chevrolet announced that production of the Chevy Volt is being discontinued. This will make 2019 the last model year for this plug-in hybrid. The Volt's legacy, however, has paved the way for incredible advancements that drivers will continue to benefit from for many years to come.

Does the Chevy Volt have a transmission?

Yes, the Chevy Volt does have a transmission that serves the same purpose of shifting gears as would be needed on a traditional car. In model years 2016 and later, the vehicle is outfitted with a Voltec drivetrain specifically known as a 5ET40 Electrified Transaxle.

How far can I travel on a full charge in the Chevy Volt?

The estimated range for a Chevy Volt on electric power alone will depend on the specific model year, road conditions, and other factors. In older generation Chevy Volts, such as the 2016 Volt, the estimated range is 38 miles on a full charge on exclusively electric power. For more recent model years, including the 2018 and 2019 Volts, driving range on electric power is up to an estimated 53 miles.1 After that point, the vehicle's gas-combustion engine takes over and regenerative braking can help to recharge the battery while on-the-go.

How long do Chevy Volt batteries last?

The life expectancy of a hybrid car battery can vary based on how often the battery is charged, how much you drive the car, and how well the vehicle is maintained overall. Generally, lithium-ion batteries last for an estimated 10 years before needing to be replaced. 

Does the Chevy Volt engine charge the battery?

Yes, the Chevy Volt uses regenerative braking, designed to re-charge the lithium-ion battery while driving. During braking, electronic circuits cut off power to the car's engine and use the kinetic energy to run a charge to the battery—similar to how a generator operates. The Chevy Volt can also be plugged in when not in use to charge its battery.

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Vehicle Summary

The Chevrolet Volt has been in production since 2010 and began its second generation of production with a major design overhaul in 2016. This plug-in hybrid sedan offers a lithium-ion battery with a range of up to an estimated 53 miles on a full charge in its recent 2018 and 2019 model years.1

Overall, the Chevy Volt is an excellent choice for drivers who are interested in a plug-in vehicle but may not be ready to commit exclusively to electric power. Its design also offers seating for up to five, yet is compact enough to maintain great handling and maneuverability.

1EPA estimates for when vehicle sold as new. See will vary based on things like battery age, vehicle condition, and driving conditions. Battery range may decrease with time and use.

Chevy Volt Trim Configurations

The second generation of Chevy Volt (2018 and 2019 model years) is available in two trim options: LT and Premier. Add-on packages are also available for each trim level. For example, the Comfort Package is offered for the LT trim and adds heated mirrors, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and heated front seats. These items are standard in the Premier trim, but a Driver Confidence package is also available as an add-on on Premier-level Volts. This package adds such features as blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, rear parking sensors, and more.

Regardless of package add-ons there are a few notable differences between each trim level as well.

2018-2019 Chevy Volt LT

• standard 17-inch wheels

• automatic climate control

• 60/40 folding rear seats

2018-2019 Chevy Volt Premier

• upgraded Bose® audio system

• upgraded 17-inch wheels

• automated parking system

Reviews for Chevrolet Volt

Overall Rating

4.8 out of 5(155 reviews)

Great First Electric Vehicle

I've been researching electric vehicles for quite a while, and changes in the Electric Vehicle Tax Credit for used cars in Colorado kind of forced my hand to move forward. I'm glad I did. It took some time to get used to driving in a slightly different manner, and also how to use the various driving modes to maximize the use of the electic-only travel. But the results have been worth it and since I purchased the car I'm getting about 145 mpg. It's been fine in the snow (use L gear if necessary), and I'm happy I have the generator backup which extends the miles I can travel over and above the 35-45 miles on all electric in standard mode. With full charge and full tank of gas, my range is over 400 miles!

- Mark Hejtmanek, 2013 Chevrolet Volt

1 week in...

We bought the car a week ago, and immediately went on a 2800 mile road trip to see if it could handle it. Passed with flying colors. The small tank made for more frequent stops than we would have liked, but the mileage made up for it. Unlike other all electric cars, we didn't have to rely on the battery solely. We were able to gas up and keep rolling. I'm an audio geek, and I wasn't offended by the sound system.After setting the EQ, it sounds pretty good! I rode in the back seat for a portion of the trip, and was PLEASANTLY surprised by the space I had to stretch out. I'm 5'8 195lbs and built, and didn't feel cramped. Now back home, haven't gassed up. Running on charges. Don't listen to the nay sayers. Get One!

- Anonymous, 2011 Chevrolet Volt

Love this car

88 mpg is a good start. The ease of operation is mind blowing, fill up for $20.00 and drive with the electric motor moving you down the road. The transition from all electric to hybrid drive is seamless.the infotainment system is a blast seats are firm and comfortable, I love this car. Silent cabin is a plus.

- Jon Yonkers, 2014 Chevrolet Volt

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