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Used 2016 Hyundai for Sale

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Reviews for 2016 Hyundai

Overall Rating

4.3 out of 5 (132 reviews)


I’ve always drove Honda’s didn’t think twice about a Hyundai matter a fact I talked bad about them but it was because I didn’t know. My past college friend who now works at Carmax recommended this car because. I have a son who is 16 and 6’7 so and living in Georgia distance wise nothing is really close. So I decided to give it a try it was reasonably price I was fresh out of a BK so I didn’t wanna go to high with reestablishing boy oh boy this car gets better gas mileage than any of my Honda accords they ride is nice, smooth,roomy, it’s a quick takeoff when needed,. Even though my dream car is a BMW 5 series I’m so satisfied with this car I almost want to see what the SUV is like. So that old saying goes never judge a book by its cover :))


  • Fuel Economy: I get 540 miles to a full tank of regular Gas
  • Interior Space: Roomy for my family
  • Seat Comfort: Very comfortable seating back & front

- R Jones, 2016 Hyundai Sonata

Love my hyundai

I am a 21 year old female without kids. I do a lot of driving every single day, at least 50 miles. My hyundai gets great gas mileage and is really comfortable to ride in for long road trips. This car has not given me any problems since the day I got it. I took it out to the mountains a while back during winter with ice on the ground. The car handled the mountain climb very well and I still got 29 miles to the gallon even thought j was in 4th or 3rd gear the whole trip. The way home I get about 35 mpg. This car is not a very fast car, but has plenty of pickup to get up and around the person in front of you if neccessary. The sound system is awesome in the car stock.


  • Braking: Stops on a dime
  • Interior Space: Can comfortably fit 4 adults in the car even with the front seats pushed back
  • Value: For as cheap as the car is, it does an amazing job at feeling like a luxury car


  • Weather Versatility: Not amazing in the snow, but also not the worst being fwd
  • Cabin Noise: You can feel every rock in the road, but it does feel sporty.

- Tori Schroeder, 2016 Hyundai Elantra

Sonata Hybrid Check HEV! System

This car looks pretty good, has a nice interior, and the panoramic sunroof is pretty cool. But the hybrid has a problem that I've since learned is pretty common and appears to have no solution. When driving for an extended period of time (~ 2 hours) when you turn the car off it will not start again. A warning appears on the dash that reads "Check HEV System" with a big orange alert triangle icon. Not real sure why this happens and not sure how you resolve the issue other than letting the car sit for 15 - 30+ minutes. Can be a real bummer when you stopped to get gas and now your car is dead at the pump. Once it does start the check engine light is on and stays on for a day or two and then goes off.


  • Interior Space: Very roomy and comfortable
  • Seat Comfort: Comfortable and lots of adjustment controls, as well as seat warmers.
  • Fuel Economy: Maybe not the best fuel economy of all hybrids, but still very good, in my opinion.


  • Power: Trying to "punch it" can cause it to bog down and lose power, feeling like you will stall in the intersection.
  • Braking: That braking charges the battery beats plugging in, but braking can feel abrupt.
  • Reliability: The "Check HEV! System" that cause the car not to start after extended drive times is terrible.

- Scott Hensley, 2016 Hyundai Sonata

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