Tackle many tough road conditions in style with these 15 best AWD cars!

Best AWD Cars Ranking | CarMax

Whether you need to navigate rough terrain or require a bit more traction during your daily drive, cars with all-wheel drive offer the ease and confidence to navigate just about any road conditions. With so many options available these days, it isn’t always easy to choose the right used AWD car.

All wheel drive cars are extra-able, extra-capable sedans and coupes that pack extra traction to help you to get you where you need to go. Of course, AWD sedans are very popular with our customers in the Northeast and northern Midwest states. But they’re also sought-after by drivers who like to carefully research their next purchases who and have put AWD cars on their test-drive lists because of their flexibility in lots of different road conditions.

To help you with your shopping, we’ve used our sales data from January through July 2017 to compile this list of some of CarMax’s best-selling cars available in certain trims with AWD. Check out the list below.

  1. Mercedes-Benz C Class
    Best AWD Cars Ranking: Mercedes-Benz C300 | CarMax
  2. BMW 3 Series
    Best AWD Cars Ranking: BMW 328d | CarMax
  3. Infiniti G/Q40/Q50/Q60
    Best AWD Cars Ranking: Infiniti Q40 | CarMax
  4. Subaru Impreza
    Best AWD Cars Ranking: Subaru Impreza | CarMax
  5. Mercedes-Benz E Class
    Best AWD Cars Ranking: Mercedes-Benz E350 | CarMax
  6. BMW 5 Series
    Best AWD Cars Ranking: BMW 535i | CarMax
  7. Subaru XV Crosstrek
    Best AWD Cars Ranking: Subaru XV Crosstrek | CarMax
  8. Audi A4
    Best AWD Cars Ranking: Audi A4 | CarMax
  9. Subaru Legacy
    Best AWD Cars Ranking: Subaru Legacy | CarMax
  10. Lexus IS
    Best AWD Cars Ranking: Lexus IS-350 | CarMax
  11. Audi A5
    Best AWD Cars Ranking: Audi A5 | CarMax
  12. Chrysler 300
    Best AWD Cars Ranking: Chrysler 300 | CarMax
  13. Cadillac CTS
    Best AWD Cars Ranking: Cadillac CTS | CarMax
  14. Cadillac ATS
    Best AWD Cars Ranking: Cadillac ATS | CarMax
  15. Subaru WRX
    Best AWD Cars Ranking: Subaru WRX | CarMax

Some of these vehicles may cost a bit more, here and there, than their two-wheel drive counterparts. And some of the AWD variants may give you several fewer miles per gallon than 2WD cars, depending on your driving habits. That’s because the additional, AWD running gear can add to an AWD car’s overall weight. We think our AWD car customers have considered their options well and determined that the trade-offs are worth it for the added flexibility they get with all-wheel drive.

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Keep in mind that this isn’t a full list of all the AWD vehicles out there. Lots of automakers offer all-wheel drive versions of all kinds of vehicles, including some of the best all wheel drive SUVs. Here are some examples.


AWD sports cars

AWD luxury sedans

AWD minivans

And, for a different kind of traction, there’s four-wheel drive, which you’ll find as an available option in many of our best trucks of 2017, including the rugged Toyota Tacoma, the off-road-capable Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Learn the difference between AWD and 4WD with help from our AWD vs 4WD: Which To Choose? article.

Ready to shop? Check out the 4WD vehicles and AWD cars we have available right now. Or feel free to conduct more research — and read our research articles, too, which include our own takes on the best SUVs, best minivans, and best pickup trucks — to help you find your next car.

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