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A luxury vehicle offers performance and panache wherever you go, from the office to the beach. Standard features in many of these top-end rides include cutting-edge technology systems, heated components (steering wheel, seats, armrests), and beautiful exterior designs. Now you just have to decide if you prefer being behind the wheel of a stately sedan, stylish convertible, or sporty coupe.

Not sure where to start your search? This list ranks the 10 best luxury cars for 2020 shoppers, based on CarMax vehicle and sales of vehicles with average sale prices over $35,000 from June 1, 2019 to November 30, 2019.

  1. BMW 740
  2. Audi A8
  3. Mercedes-Benz E400
  4. Jaguar F-type
  5. Porsche Panamera
  6. Cadillac CT6
  7. BMW 750i XDrive
  8. Mercedes-Benz E300
  9. Audi A7
  10. Mercedes-Benz S550


BMW 740

Best Luxury Cars: BMW 740 | CarMax

Looking for a luxury sedan that fits the whole family? The 2019 BMW 740 can comfortably seat five and glide down the highway on your next road trip thanks to its powerful six-cylinder engine. This model comes with rear- or all-wheel-drive options to make traversing winter-weather conditions easier. The base model 2019 BMW 740 comes loaded with:

  • Panoramic moonroof
  • Power rear sunshade
  • Power trunk lid
  • Four-zone air conditioning
  • Lane departure warning


Audi A8

Best Luxury Cars: Audi A8 | CarMax

The 2018 Audi A8 sedan offers a roomy interior (including 42.9 inches of rear passenger legroom) with a four- or five-seat configuration available. The turbo 3.0L V6 with a light-hybrid system produces 333 hp, which is more than enough to make your commute a lot of fun. This luxury vehicle comes with all-wheel drive as well as multiple drive modes to suit your steering and acceleration styles, including comfort, auto, dynamic, and individual. The base trim 2019 Audi A8 also includes:

  • Predictive active suspension
  • Two USB ports
  • Dual touchscreen operated media system
  • Sonic cameras
  • Radar sensors


Mercedes-Benz E400

Best Luxury Cars: Mercedes-Benz E400 | CarMax

This sporty two-door coupe seats four in its sleek silhouette flanked with wide-swing doors. The luxurious 2018 Mercedes-Benz E400 screams opulence with its leather upholstery, heated steering wheel, and lacquered wood trim. You'll zip around town with its twin-turbocharged 3.0L V6 and nine-speed automatic transmission. Standard features on the 2018 Mercedes-Benz E400 also include:

  • 12.3-inch dashboard screen
  • Touch-sensitive control pads on the steering wheel
  • 40/20/40-split-folding backseat
  • Motorized front seats for backseat access


Jaguar F-type

Best Luxury Cars: Jaguar F-type | CarMax

Whether you choose the coupe or convertible body style, this luxury two-seat sports car turns heads. All Jaguar F-Types are available in rear or all-wheel drive with a six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic transmission. Three engine options also await: a turbocharged 2.0L four-cylinder, a supercharged 3.0L V6, and a supercharged V8. Additional features in base trim models of the Jaguar F-Type (2016 onward) include:

  • InControl Touch Pro™ multimedia system
  • Driver drowsiness monitor
  • 10.0-inch touchscreen
  • Two USB ports
  • Forward-collision warning


Porsche Panamera

Best Luxury Cars: Porsche Panamera | CarMax

The luxurious 2019 model of this four-door sports sedan comes with a base 330-hp turbocharged 3.0L V6 engine, an eight-speed automatic transmission, and rear-wheel drive. This is a statement car that has all the presence of its two-door siblings with added practicality from those rear doors. Additional standard features on the 2019 Porsche Panamera include:

  • 12.3-inch touchscreen for navigation controls and infotainment
  • Leather upholstery
  • Panoramic sunroof
  • Power-adjustable, heated front seats
  • Adaptive cruise control

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Cadillac CT6

Best Luxury Cars: Cadillac CT6 | CarMax

If you're looking for a ride that's responsive and agile for both city and highway treks, the 2019 Cadillac CT6 is worth considering. The hands-free driver assist, camera-triggered mapping system, and radar sensors all make driving easier. With three different engine choices, ranging from 335 to 500 hp, and a 10-speed transmission, every commute will be fast and smooth. The 2019 base Premium Luxury trim includes:

  • 3.6L V6 engine with 335 hp
  • 10-speaker surround-sound audio system
  • Power sunroof
  • Parking assist feature
  • 19-inch multi-spoke alloy wheels


BMW 750i XDrive

Best Luxury Cars: BMW 750 | CarMax

With a beautiful profile, seating for five, and agile handling, this may be the ideal luxury sedan for everything from business travel to family outings. The 2019 BMW 750i XDrive features a powerful V8 engine and your choice of rear or all-wheel drive. Additional features drivers enjoy on the 2019 base model are:

  • Soft closing doors
  • Panoramic moonroof
  • Four-zone automatic air conditioning
  • Power trunk lid
  • Power rear sunshade


Mercedes-Benz E300

Best Luxury Cars: Mercedes-Benz E300 | CarMax

The four-door 2019 Mercedes-Benz E300 sedan offers semi-automated driving assistance technology, a turbocharged 2.0L four-cylinder engine, and rear-wheel drive. This vehicle comfortably seats five, making it a great option for carpooling or road trips. Also included in the base trim 2019 Mercedes-Benz E300 sedan are:

  • 12.3-inch central display
  • Auto-dimming mirrors
  • Sunroof
  • Driver-seat memory functions
  • Two USB ports


Audi A7

Best Luxury Cars: Audi A7 | CarMax

The 2019 Audi A7 features a hybrid turbocharged V6 engine paired with a 48-volt electric system, all-wheel drive, and robust acceleration (0 to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds—according to the manufacturer, when new) for a luxury sedan. Inside you'll find a voice-activated touchscreen system to make changing the radio or using the navigation system seamless, cozy soft leather seating for five, and beautiful wood trim. Additional standard features in the 2019 Audi A7 include:

  • Hatchback design with cargo space
  • Four USB ports
  • Wireless charging pad
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Heated front seats


Mercedes-Benz S550

Best Luxury Cars: Mercedes-Benz S550 | CarMax

Pulling into first place is the 2019 Mercedes-Benz S550, which comes available as a coupe or sedan (2014 to present). Under the hood of sixth-generation models (2014 onward), you'll find a robust twin turbo premium 4.7L V8 engine with 285 hp. This posh luxury cruiser is equipped with leather upholstery and dual-zone climate control. You can enjoy these features on the 2018 base model:

  • Dual 12.3-inch infotainment screens
  • Voice-recognition system
  • Rearview camera
  • Panoramic sunroof
  • Heated front seats


Luxury cars are known for their attractive silhouettes, powerful yet agile handling, comfortable interiors, and technology-laden features. As you begin your search for your next ride, take a look at these related articles for more inspiration:

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