2020 Dodge Charger Reviews

4.9 out of 5 (7 reviews)

it’s alright

it’s a super reliable car, great power, and it’s fun. and super roomy. I can fit my 2 kids and still gap 5.0’s


  • Power: for a stock car off the show room floor and for my budget and experience it’s got more then enough power
  • Styling: all around wonderful looking car. 2020 smoke show grey wide body. the stance is unbeatable
  • Reliability: the videos online and social media prove the reliability of these cars say and and out. if you own one you’ll learn as you go. they are tough.


  • Weather Versatility: it is a literal boat in the rain. but I think the stock perelli tires don’t do it any justice for that. the car has issues when it comes to puddled water on the roads and the tires act as surf boards causing the car to hydroplane pretty easily.
  • Interior Space: some of my interior panels have “bigger then normal” gaps in between panels, so the figment isn’t the greatest on some interior panels. which makes me wonder what happened to have them not line up properly
  • Ride and Handling: it has a subtle shake in the steering wheel and gas pedal from 70-77mph and it’s annoying because I do lots of highways driving and that’s the average speed i ride at

I Love my Charger!!!

the car is super responsive, beautiful and so much fun to drive


  • Power: the car goes vvrroooom when I start it up
  • RideHandling: super sporty
  • Styling: the lines on the car are so clean and sporty


  • FuelEconomy: it is a bit of a gas guzzler
  • CabinNoise: it is a bit loud but well worth the payoff
  • WeatherVersatility: rear wheel drive we will have to see how it handles in the snow

excellent choice all around

price, vehicle features, low/affordable maintenance, great fuel economy. sharp sporty look, fun to drive, going with the v6 engine option GT model, not only got me the look i wanted but got me afforda...

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