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Used 2019 Subaru Outback for Sale

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2019 Subaru Outback Reviews

4.6 out of 5 (19 reviews)


I am in love with my Outback. Coming from a Suburban I was concerned that I would not like the smaller car. But I love it! More than that though... I can't say enough about my experience with Bufor...

Drives quite smoothly

after driving the 2.5L I didn’t think I’d enjoy driving a Subaru but still since moving to Maine and with a child I thought it was practice and dependable. The 3.6L is all that but drives smooth and i...

So Glad I Got This Car!

The Outback has plenty of room for family or friends, and plenty of cargo space. Here in New England, and anywhere in snow country, the AWD is great.


  • Seat Comfort: Our family is a special case. My wife is disabled, and having an entry and seat that are either too low or too high is not an option when looking for cars for us. The Outback is a Goldilocks car. The seat and entry height is just right.
  • Weather Versatility: I live in New England, where the seasons are Almost Winter, Winter, Still Winter and Road Construction. Having that AWD is Great.
  • Technology and Entertainment: If you like Useful bells and whistles, the Outback is great for them. The displays give me all the information I need. The wheel mounted controls give me distraction free control over the entertainment and the adaptive cruise control. That adaptive cruise control, with what Subaru calls the Eyesight system, is the neatest thing since sliced bread. Plain cruise control can't be effectively used in traffic. Eyesight works in a full range of traffic conditions.


  • Power: If you are looking for "push you back in your seat" acceleration, you're not going get it in the 4 cylinder version of the Outback. The acceleration is adequate for "No-on-ramp" Parkway entrance points, but a Bugatti it isn't.

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