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Used 2017 Toyota 4Runner for Sale

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2017 Toyota 4Runner Reviews

4.9 out of 5 (9 reviews)

Clifford my big red Toyota

Perfect size for everyday driving Little but of trunk space Good on gas & BARCELONA RED is a beautiful color!!!


  • Cost to Maintain: I came from a suburban.everything about maintaining this car vs a suburban will be less$$
  • Value: 34,000 miles when I got it...their reputation is 400,000 miles...
  • Visibility


  • Technology and Entertainment: The car has to be running to charge my phone...I can’t leave my phone charging, while I fill my car up with gas
  • Interior Space: Cupholders in the door… Not my favorite, because when you close the door plastic tops on cups can pop off. I would prefer cupholders between the front seats on the consul on the floor, like the suburban
  • Braking: There are times When I’ve had to hit the brakes, for an animal crossing the road, or the car in front of me stopped at a yellow light… So you’re breaking has to be quicker, and it will throw you forward in your seat.

Love my 4Runner

Now that I own a 4Runner, I will be a 4Runner owner for the rest of my life! Love everything about it. Everything.


  • Reliability
  • Value
  • Styling

Cool Dad Car

I named my 4Runner after Phil from Modern Family. He's fun, chic, and smooth. Big fan.


  • Cargo Space
  • Reliability
  • Value


  • Fuel Economy
  • Technology and Entertainment

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