2017 Toyota 4Runner Reviews

4.9 out of 5 (9 reviews)

Awesome vehicle

Very spacious. 3rd row seats, where both 3rd and back seats can be folded down for extra space. Classy and luxurious!!Powerful v6 engine. Overall great vehicle.


  • Reliability: Holds its value..and quite reliable, as is expected from a toyota. Dont expect to have any major problems with it for years to come.
  • Cargo Space: Perfect and enough cargo space to fit my DJ equipment when im playing. Easy fit as both 3rd row and back seats fold down completely.
  • Styling: Very sexy vehicle. Looks totally awesome as any luxury vehicle that costs twice as much. Styling from front to back have been carefully thought about.


  • Fuel Economy: Consumes fuel somewhat rapidly, but I dont really mind that at all. I still wouldnt trade it for anything else.
  • Power: The V6 is ok. But I wanted it more than ok, so I purchased and installed an AFE cold air intake filter which adds about 29 MORE Horsepower, vs the Toyota ones that costs just as much as the AFE, but adds only 5 horsepower.
  • Cost to Maintain: Havent had to replace anything on this vehicle, but the scheduled oil change only. Nothing to report as yet.

Clifford my big red Toyota

Perfect size for everyday driving Little but of trunk space Good on gas & BARCELONA RED is a beautiful color!!!


  • Cost to Maintain: I came from a suburban.everything about maintaining this car vs a suburban will be less$$
  • Value: 34,000 miles when I got it...their reputation is 400,000 miles...
  • Visibility


  • Technology and Entertainment: The car has to be running to charge my phone...I can’t leave my phone charging, while I fill my car up with gas
  • Interior Space: Cupholders in the door… Not my favorite, because when you close the door plastic tops on cups can pop off. I would prefer cupholders between the front seats on the consul on the floor, like the suburban
  • Braking: There are times When I’ve had to hit the brakes, for an animal crossing the road, or the car in front of me stopped at a yellow light… So you’re breaking has to be quicker, and it will throw you forward in your seat.

Cool Dad Car

I named my 4Runner after Phil from Modern Family. He's fun, chic, and smooth. Big fan.


  • Cargo Space
  • Reliability
  • Value


  • Fuel Economy
  • Technology and Entertainment

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