2019 Toyota Corolla Reviews

4.7 out of 5 (27 reviews)

Fun car

Because they’re very reliable cars and good on gas.


  • Reliability: fun car
  • Cost to Maintain
  • Ride and Handling

not very good.

the only positive is it gets decent mileage on the highway. in the city it's average at best.


  • Fuel Economy: Highway mileage I get around 34-35


  • Power: I think it's just this car but it takes a long time to get going. the acceleration from zero is horrible. once driving it is fine but from a stop you definitely don't want to pull out in front of anyone
  • Visibility: in inclement weather the rain just sits on the back window making seeing behind you impossible

it's okay...

It's a decent car, not the most attractive, but overall decent.


  • Cargo Space: The trunk is surprisingly large and the inside is decently sized, too. I'm use to driving a subcompact so it almost feels like too much room.
  • Reliability: I wanted a car that would last longer than I had to make payments... that left me with two options Toyota vs Honda. The Corolla was a little more budget friendly than the Civic.
  • Technology and Entertainment: The back up camera is nice, however the I feel like the whole touch screen could be more user friendly.


  • Fuel Economy: I use to drive a Ford fiesta and the fuel economy was much better. The transmission was crap, but I had to get less gas. I hate stopping for gas. I have to stop more often and spend more each time. I know overall the Corolla has good fuel economy compared to most cars on the market, but it's less than I was expecting. You even have to watch commercials while pumping gas... ew
  • Seat Comfort: The headrests would be okay if you are a guy, or a girl who never wears her hair up. unfortunately, I'm a girl who wears her hair up for work. The headrest angles forward in such a way that it shoves my bun into the back of my head. It's super uncomfortable.
  • Dashboard: The control for the air temperature is a little switch that you flip up or down. Changing temperature more than a few degrees is ridiculous. I live in north Carolina so we can go through all 4 seasons in a day. if you just hold it down or up without individual flicks, it does change the temp, but at a glacial pace. So it's just 20 flicks from low to high or vice versa. It's cumbersome.

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